Edgar Awards

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The Edgar Allan Poe Awards, more commonly known as The Edgar Awards or the Edgars, were named in honor of the legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe.

The Edgars are presented annually by the Mystery Writers of America (MWA) since 1946. Recognizing the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, and film, the Edgar Awards have become an esteemed hallmark of excellence in the mystery genre.

The inception of the Edgar Awards can be traced back to the formation of the Mystery Writers of America in 1945, a professional organization aimed at promoting and celebrating mystery and crime writing. The MWA decided to establish an annual award to recognize outstanding works in the genre and thus, the Edgar Awards were born.

The first ceremony took place in 1946, with the inaugural award for Best First Novel by an American Author presented to Watchful at Night by Julian Fast.

In the 1950s, they expanded these awards to include Best Mystery Novel and Best First Novel. The first winner of the Best Mystery Novel award in 1954 was Charlotte Jay for Beat Not the Bones.

1955 saw the prestigious Grand Master award created, with Agatha Christie the first winner of this award. Authors who have won since include Michael Connelly, Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark.

Here is a list of every single nomination and award for fiction novels for the Edgars since they began, and some non-fiction as well:

Edgar Awards:

1946Best First NovelJulius FastDown Through the NightWon
1947Best First NovelHelen EustisThe Horizontal ManWon
1948Best First NovelFredric BrownThe Fabulous ClipjointWon
1949Best First NovelRichard EllingtonShoot the WorksNominated
1949Best First NovelHerbert BreanWilders Walk AwayNominated
1949Best First NovelMildred DavisThe room upstairsWon
1950Best First NovelBart SpicerThe dark lightNominated
1950Best First NovelEvelyn PiperThe InnocentNominated
1950Best First NovelWilliam KrasnerWalk the Dark StreetsNominated
1950Best First NovelGeoffrey Holiday HallEnd is KnownNominated
1950Best First NovelAlan GreenWhat a body!Won
1951Best First NovelThomas SterlingThe house without a doorNominated
1951Best First NovelPatricia HighsmithStrangers on a TrainNominated
1951Best First NovelThomas WalshNightmare in ManhattanWon
1952Best First NovelRobert B. SinclairThe Eleventh HourNominated
1952Best First NovelLee HerringtonCarry My Coffin SlowlyNominated
1952Best First NovelMary McMullenStrangle HoldWon
1953Best First NovelPeggy BaconThe inward eyeNominated
1953Best First NovelWilliam GaultDon't Cry for MeWon
1954Best First NovelIra LevinA Kiss Before DyingWon
1954Best Mystery NovelCharlotte JayBeat Not The BonesWon
1955Best First NovelJean PottsGo, Lovely RoseWon
1955Best Mystery NovelRaymond ChandlerThe Long GoodbyeWon
1955Grand MasterAgatha ChristieWon
1956Best First NovelFred LevonMuch ado about murderNominated
1956Best First NovelHarold R. DanielsIn His BloodNominated
1956Best First NovelLane KauffmannKill the Beloved / The PerfectionistWon
1956Best Mystery NovelPatricia HighsmithThe Talented Mr. RipleyNominated
1956Best Mystery NovelThe GordonsThe case of the talking bugNominated
1956Best Mystery NovelMargaret MillarBeast In ViewWon
1957Best First NovelDonald McNutt DouglassRebecca's PrideWon
1957Best Mystery NovelMargot BennettThe Man Who Didn't FlyNominated
1957Best Mystery NovelCharlotte ArmstrongA Dram of PoisonWon
1958Best First NovelJames CrossRoot of EvilNominated
1958Best First NovelWarren CarrierBay of the DamnedNominated
1958Best First NovelWilliam Rawle WeeksKnock and Wait a WhileWon
1958Best Mystery NovelArthur W. UpfieldBony Buys a Woman / The Bushman Who Came BackNominated
1958Best Mystery NovelMarjorie CarletonThe Night of the Good Children / One Night of TerrorNominated
1958Best Mystery NovelBill S. BallingerThe Longest SecondNominated
1958Best Mystery NovelEd LacyRoom to SwingWon
1958Grand MasterVincent StarrettWon
1959Best First NovelHarry OleskerNow, Will You Try for MurderNominated
1959Best First NovelFrances Riker DuncombeDeath of a SpinsterNominated
1959Best First NovelEdgar BohleThe Man Who DisappearedNominated
1959Best First NovelRichard Martin SternThe Bright Road to FearWon
1959Best Mystery NovelDorothy DavisA Gentleman CalledNominated
1959Best Mystery NovelCharity BlackstockWoman in the WoodsNominated
1959Best Mystery NovelDavid AlexanderThe Madhouse in Washington SquareNominated
1959Best Mystery NovelStanley EllinThe Eighth CircleWon
1959Grand MasterRex StoutWon
1960Best First NovelHenry SlesarThe Grey Flannel ShroudNominated
1960Best Mystery NovelPhilip MacDonaldThe List of Adrian MessengerNominated
1960Best Mystery NovelCelia FremlinThe Hours Before DawnWon
1961Best First NovelDonald E WestlakeThe Mercenaries/The CutieNominated
1961Best First NovelElizabeth LiningtonCase PendingNominated
1961Best First NovelWilliam JohnstonThe Marriage CageNominated
1961Best First NovelJack VanceMan in a CageWon
1961Best Mystery NovelHerbert BreanThe Traces of BrillhartNominated
1961Best Mystery NovelGeoffrey HouseholdWatcher in the ShadowsNominated
1961Best Mystery NovelNorah Lofts
Peter Curtis
Little Wax DollsNominated
1961Best Mystery NovelJulian SymonsThe Progress of a CrimeWon
1961Grand MasterEllery QueenWon
1962Best First NovelWinfred Van AttaShock treatmentNominated
1962Best First NovelBreni JamesNight of the killNominated
1962Best First NovelGordon Colter
Alex Gordon
The CipherNominated
1962Best First NovelOlivia DwightClose His EyesNominated
1962Best First NovelMalcolm BralyFelony TankNominated
1962Best First NovelSuzanne BlancThe Green StoneWon
1962Best Mystery NovelSuzanne BlancThe Green StoneNominated
1962Best Mystery NovelRoss MacdonaldThe Wycherly WomanNominated
1962Best Mystery NovelLionel DavidsonThe Night of WenceslasNominated
1962Best Mystery NovelJohn CreaseyGideon's FireWon
1962Best Mystery NovelElizabeth Linington
Anne Blaisdell
1962Grand MasterErle Stanley GardnerWon
1963Best Fact CrimeFrancis RussellTragedy In DedhamWon
1963Best First NovelRichard UnekisThe ChaseNominated
1963Best First NovelDaniel BrounCounterweightNominated
1963Best First NovelRobert L. FishThe FugitiveWon
1963Best Mystery NovelJean PottsThe evil wishNominated
1963Best Mystery NovelElizabeth LiningtonKnave of HeartsNominated
1963Best Mystery NovelRoss MacdonaldThe Zebra-Striped HearseNominated
1963Best Mystery NovelShelley SmithThe Ballad of the Running ManNominated
1963Best Mystery NovelMark McShaneSeance on a Wet AfternoonNominated
1963Best Mystery NovelEllis PetersDeath and the Joyful WomanWon
1963Grand MasterJohn Dickson CarrWon
1964Best First NovelJames Michael UllmanThe Neon HaystackNominated
1964Best First NovelFrances RickettThe ProwlerNominated
1964Best First NovelMaria FagyasThe fifth womanNominated
1964Best First NovelCornelius HirschbergFlorentine FinishWon
1964Best Mystery NovelEllery QueenThe Player On Other SideNominated
1964Best Mystery NovelDorothy B. HughesThe Expendable ManNominated
1964Best Mystery NovelStanton ForbesGrieve for the PastNominated
1964Best Mystery NovelElizabeth FenwickThe Make-Believe ManNominated
1964Best Mystery NovelEric AmblerThe Light of DayWon
1964Grand MasterGeorge Harmon CoxeWon
1965Best First NovelRubin WeberGrave Maker's HouseNominated
1965Best First NovelAmanda CrossIn the Last AnalysisNominated
1965Best First NovelHarry KemelmanFriday the Rabbi Slept LateNominated
1965Best Mystery NovelMargaret MillarThe FiendNominated
1965Best Mystery NovelMary StewartThis Rough MagicNominated
1965Best Mystery NovelHans Hellmut KirstThe Night Of The GeneralsNominated
1965Best Mystery NovelJohn Le CarreThe Spy Who Came in from the ColdWon
1966Best First NovelAlexandra RoudybushBefore the Ball Was Over / A Season for Death Nominated
1966Best First NovelVincent McConnorThe French DollNominated
1966Best First NovelJack HunterThe Expendable SpyNominated
1966Best First NovelJohn Dudley BallIn the Heat of the NightNominated
1966Best First NovelRobert S. ElegantA Kind of TreasonNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelDorothy DavisThe Pale BetrayerNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelRoss MacdonaldThe Far Side of the DollarNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelMary StewartAirs Above the GroundNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelH.R.F. KeatingThe Perfect MurderNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelLen DeightonFuneral in BerlinNominated
1966Best Mystery NovelAdam HallThe Berlin Memorandum / Quiller MemorandumWon
1966Grand MasterGeorges SimenonWon
1967Best First NovelGeorge LanningThe PedestalNominated
1967Best First NovelBabs H. DealFancy's KnellNominated
1967Best First NovelRoss ThomasThe Cold War SwapWon
1967Best Mystery NovelDonald E WestlakeThe Busy BodyNominated
1967Best Mystery NovelNgaio MarshKiller Dolphin / Death at the DolphinNominated
1967Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisOdds AgainstNominated
1967Best Mystery NovelNicolas FreelingThe King of the Rainy CountryWon
1967Grand MasterBaynard KendrickWon
1968Best First NovelAdam Kennedy
John Redgate
The Killing SeasonNominated
1968Best First NovelP.E.H. DurstonMortissimo/A Novel of Danger and SuspenseNominated
1968Best First NovelMichael CollinsAct of FearWon
1968Best First NovelE. Richard JohnsonSilver Street / The Silver Street KillerWon
1968Best Mystery NovelIra LevinRosemary's BabyNominated
1968Best Mystery NovelCharlotte ArmstrongThe Gift ShopNominated
1968Best Mystery NovelDonald E WestlakeGod Save the MarkWon
1968Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisFlying FinishNominated
1968Best Mystery NovelGeorge BaxtA Parade of Cockeyed CreaturesNominated
1968Best Mystery NovelCharlotte ArmstrongLemon in the BasketNominated
1969Best First NovelLawrence KamarckThe DinosaurNominated
1969Best First NovelDorothy UhnakThe BaitWon
1969Best Mystery NovelDorothy DavisGod Speed the NightNominated
1969Best Mystery NovelStanley EllinThe Valentine EstateNominated
1969Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisBlood SportNominated
1969Best Mystery NovelPeter DickinsonThe Glass Sided Ant's Nest / Skin DeepNominated
1969Best Mystery NovelHeron CarvicPicture Miss SeetonNominated
1969Best Mystery NovelMichael Crichton
Jeffery Hudson
A Case of NeedWon
1969Grand MasterJohn CreaseyWon
1970Best First NovelMyrick LandQuicksandNominated
1970Best First NovelNaomi A. HintzeYou'll Like My Mother / The House with the Watching EyesNominated
1970Best First NovelJoe GoresA Time of PredatorsWon
1970Best Mystery NovelDorothy DavisWhere the Dark Streets GoNominated
1970Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisForfeitWon
1970Best Mystery NovelPeter DickinsonThe Old English Peep Show / A Pride of HeroesNominated
1970Best Mystery NovelEmma LathenWhen in GreeceNominated
1970Best Mystery NovelChester HimesBlind Man with a Pistol / Hot Day, Hot NightNominated
1970Best Paperback OriginalMichael KurlandA Plague of SpiesNominated
1970Best Paperback OriginalElsie Lee
Elsie Cromwell
The GovernessNominated
1970Best Paperback OriginalAlan CaillouAssault on MingNominated
1970Best Paperback OriginalScott C.S. StoneThe Dragon's EyeWon
1970Grand MasterJames M. CainWon
1971Best First NovelSidney SheldonThe Naked FaceNominated
1971Best First NovelTony HillermanThe Blessing WayNominated
1971Best First NovelStanley CohenTaking Gary Feldman / The AbductionNominated
1971Best First NovelJohn Edward BrownIncident At 125th StreetNominated
1971Best First NovelLawrence SandersThe Anderson TapesWon
1971Best Mystery NovelMargaret MillarBeyond This Point Are MonstersNominated
1971Best Mystery NovelDonald E WestlakeThe Hot RockNominated
1971Best Mystery NovelPat StadleyAutumn of a hunter / The Murder Hunt Nominated
1971Best Mystery NovelPatricia MoyesWho Saw Her Die / Many Deadly ReturnsNominated
1971Best Mystery NovelMaj Sjöwall
Per Wahlöö
The Laughing Policeman / Investigation of MurderWon
1971Best Paperback OriginalPeter McCurtinMafiosoNominated
1971Best Paperback OriginalMichael Crichton
John Lange
Grave DescendNominated
1971Best Paperback OriginalRon GoulartAfter Things Fell ApartNominated
1971Best Paperback OriginalMatt GattzdenO.D. at Sweet Claude'sNominated
1971Best Paperback OriginalJack EhrlichThe DrowningNominated
1971Best Paperback OriginalDan J. MarloweFlashpoint / Operation FlashpointWon
1971Grand MasterMignon G. EberhartWon
1972Best First NovelMartin Cruz SmithGypsy in AmberNominated
1972Best First NovelBill PronziniThe StalkerNominated
1972Best First NovelMichael LewinAsk the Right QuestionNominated
1972Best First NovelHildegarde DolsonTo Spite Her FaceNominated
1972Best First NovelA.H.Z. CarrFinding Maubee / The Calypso Murders Won
1972Best Mystery NovelTony HillermanThe Fly on the WallNominated
1972Best Mystery NovelArthur WiseWho Killed Enoch Powell?Nominated
1972Best Mystery NovelG.F. NewmanSir, You Bastard / Rogue CopNominated
1972Best Mystery NovelP.D. JamesShroud for a NightingaleNominated
1972Best Mystery NovelP.D. JamesAn Unsuitable Job for a WomanNominated
1972Best Mystery NovelFrederick ForsythThe Day of the JackalWon
1972Best Paperback OriginalCharles WilliamsAnd the Deep Blue SeaNominated
1972Best Paperback OriginalAlicen WhiteNor Spell Nor CharmNominated
1972Best Paperback OriginalWilliam F. NolanSpace for HireNominated
1972Best Paperback OriginalPhilip AtleeThe White Wolverine ContractNominated
1972Best Paperback OriginalFrank McAuliffeFor Murder I Charge MoreWon
1972Grand MasterJohn D. MacDonaldWon
1973Best First NovelThomas A. RobertsThe Heart of the DogNominated
1973Best First NovelFrank LeonardBox 100Nominated
1973Best First NovelWilliam HallahanThe Dead of WinterNominated
1973Best First NovelArthur D. GoldsteinA Person Shouldn't Die Like ThatNominated
1973Best First NovelR.H. ShimerSquaw PointWon
1973Best JuvenileRobb WhiteDeathwatchWon
1973Best Mystery NovelJohn Dudley BallFive Pieces of JadeNominated
1973Best Mystery NovelNgaio MarshTied Up in TinselNominated
1973Best Mystery NovelMartin Cruz SmithCanto for a GypsyNominated
1973Best Mystery NovelHugh C. RaeThe Shooting GalleryNominated
1973Best Mystery NovelWarren KieferThe Lingala CodeWon
1973Best Paperback OriginalCharles W. RunyonPower KillNominated
1973Best Paperback OriginalRichard NeelyThe Smith ConspiracyNominated
1973Best Paperback OriginalDaniel BankoNot Dead YetNominated
1973Best Paperback OriginalRichard WormserThe InvaderWon
1973Grand MasterAlfred HitchcockWon
1973Grand MasterJudson PhilipsWon
1973Special Edgars AwardJulian SymonsBloody MurderWon
1974Best First NovelMichael WolfeMan On A StringNominated
1974Best First NovelJustin ScottMany Happy ReturnsNominated
1974Best First NovelCharles LarsonSomeone's DeathNominated
1974Best First NovelRichard W. BullietKicked to Death by a CamelNominated
1974Best First NovelPaul Emil ErdmanBillion Dollar Killing / The Billion Dollar Sure Thing Won
1974Best Mystery NovelTony HillermanDance Hall of the DeadWon
1974Best Mystery NovelJean StubbsDear LauraNominated
1974Best Mystery NovelVictor CanningThe Rainbird Pattern / Family PlotNominated
1974Best Mystery NovelFrancis CliffordAmigo, AmigoNominated
1974Best Paperback OriginalRoger L. SimonThe Big FixNominated
1974Best Paperback OriginalDinah PalmtagStarling StreetNominated
1974Best Paperback OriginalLeo P. KelleyDeadlocked!Nominated
1974Best Paperback OriginalClive CusslerThe Mediterranean Caper / Mayday!Nominated
1974Best Paperback OriginalWilliam J. WeatherbyDeath Of An InformerWon
1974Grand MasterRoss MacdonaldWon
1975Best First NovelVern E. SmithThe Jones MenNominated
1975Best First NovelNicholas MeyerTarget PracticeNominated
1975Best First NovelBrown MeggsSaturday gamesNominated
1975Best First NovelDominic Koski
Virgil Scott
The Kreutzman FormulaNominated
1975Best First NovelGregory McDonaldFletchWon
1975Best Mystery NovelFrancis CliffordThe Grosvenor Square Goodbye / Good-Bye and AmenNominated
1975Best Mystery NovelJon ClearyPeter's PenceWon
1975Best Mystery NovelPaul Emil ErdmanSilver BearsNominated
1975Best Paperback OriginalDon TracyFlats Fixed -- Among Other ThingsNominated
1975Best Paperback OriginalRobert Irvine
R.R. Irvine
Jump CutNominated
1975Best Paperback OriginalRichard ForrestWho Killed Mr. Garland's Mistress?Nominated
1975Best Paperback OriginalRoy WinsorThe Corpse That WalkedWon
1975Best Paperback OriginalAndrew GarveThe File on Lester / The Lester AffairNominated
1975Best Paperback OriginalMalcolm J. BosseThe Man Who Loved Zoos / StrickenNominated
1976Best First NovelA.J. RussellThe Devalino CaperNominated
1976Best First NovelDavid R. SlavittPaperback ThrillerNominated
1976Best First NovelThomas KlopHarmattan Of SuspenseNominated
1976Best First NovelMax CrawfordWaltz Across TexasNominated
1976Best First NovelRex BurnsThe Alvarez JournalWon
1976Best Mystery NovelRoss ThomasThe Money HarvestNominated
1976Best Mystery NovelGerald SeymourHarry's GameNominated
1976Best Mystery NovelMaggie RennertOperation AlcestisNominated
1976Best Mystery NovelMarvin AlbertThe Gargoyle ConspiracyNominated
1976Best Mystery NovelBrian GarfieldHopscotchWon
1976Best Paperback OriginalSimon QuinnThe Midas CoffinNominated
1976Best Paperback OriginalDavid VowellThe AssassinatorNominated
1976Grand MasterGraham GreeneWon
1977Best First NovelMarie R. RenoFinal ProofNominated
1977Best First NovelJanice LawThe Big PayoffNominated
1977Best First NovelSteve KnickmeyerStraightNominated
1977Best First NovelAlan FurstYour Day in the BarrelNominated
1977Best First NovelJames PattersonThe Thomas Berryman NumberWon
1977Best Mystery NovelRichard NeelyA Madness Of The HeartNominated
1977Best Mystery NovelGerald SeymourThe Glory BoysNominated
1977Best Mystery Novel TrevanianThe MainNominated
1977Best Mystery NovelThomas GiffordThe Cavanaugh QuestNominated
1977Best Mystery NovelRobert B. ParkerPromised LandWon
1977Best Paperback OriginalRobert Irvine
R.R. Irvine
Freeze FrameNominated
1977Best Paperback OriginalDonald HamiltonThe RetaliatorsNominated
1977Best Paperback OriginalKenn DavisThe Dark SideNominated
1977Best Paperback OriginalDaniel da CruzThe Captive CityNominated
1977Best Paperback OriginalGregory McDonaldConfess, FletchWon
1978Best First NovelBob RandallThe FanNominated
1978Best First NovelCharles A. GoodrumDewey DecimatedNominated
1978Best First NovelRobert RossA French FinishWon
1978Best Mystery NovelMartin Cruz SmithNightwingNominated
1978Best Mystery NovelWilliam HallahanCatch Me, Kill MeWon
1978Best Mystery NovelWilliam McIlvanneyLaidlawNominated
1978Best Paperback OriginalDonald HamiltonThe TerrorizersNominated
1978Best Paperback OriginalMarc OldenThey've Killed AnnaNominated
1978Best Paperback OriginalLawrence BlockTime to Murder and CreateNominated
1978Best Paperback OriginalMichael JahnThe Quark ManeuverWon
1978Grand MasterDorothy B. HughesWon
1978Grand MasterNgaio MarshWon
1978Grand MasterDaphne du MaurierWon
1979Best First NovelDonald StanwoodThe Memory Of Eva RykerNominated
1979Best First NovelCraig JonesBlood SecretsNominated
1979Best First NovelWilliam HjortsbergFalling AngelNominated
1979Best First NovelThomas DunneThe ScourgeNominated
1979Best First NovelWilliam DeAndreaKilled In The RatingsWon
1979Best Mystery NovelTony HillermanListening WomanNominated
1979Best Mystery NovelJack S. ScottThe Shallow GraveNominated
1979Best Mystery NovelRuth RendellA Sleeping LifeNominated
1979Best Mystery NovelJohn GodeyThe SnakeNominated
1979Best Mystery NovelKen FollettEye of the Needle / Storm IslandWon
1979Best Paperback OriginalGraham MastertonCharnel HouseNominated
1979Best Paperback OriginalPhillip MargolinHeartstoneNominated
1979Best Paperback OriginalElmore LeonardThe SwitchNominated
1979Best Paperback OriginalDavid AnthonyStud GameNominated
1979Best Paperback OriginalFranklin BandyDeceit And Deadly LiesWon
1979Grand MasterAaron Marc SteinWon
1980Best First NovelJohn LogueFollow the LeaderNominated
1980Best First NovelPeter Heath
Robert Irvine
Night TrainsNominated
1980Best First NovelRichard North PattersonThe Lasko TangentWon
1980Best Motion Picture ScreenplayMichael CrichtonThe Great Train RobberyWon
1980Best Mystery NovelRuth RendellMake Death Love MeNominated
1980Best Mystery NovelC.P. SnowA Coat of VarnishNominated
1980Best Mystery NovelRoger Erskine Longrigg
Frank Parrish
Fire in the BarleyNominated
1980Best Mystery NovelRobert BarnardUnruly Son / Death of a Mystery WriterNominated
1980Best Mystery NovelArthur MalingThe Rheingold RouteWon
1980Best Paperback OriginalMichael KurlandThe Infernal DeviceNominated
1980Best Paperback OriginalWilliam DeAndreaThe Hog MurdersWon
1980Best Paperback OriginalGlenn KezerThe Queen Is DeadNominated
1980Best Paperback OriginalDavid HellerVortexNominated
1980Best Paperback OriginalDavid HagbergThe Kremlin ConspiracyNominated
1980Grand MasterW.R. BurnettWon
1981Best First NovelSusanne JaffeThe Other Anne FletcherNominated
1981Best First NovelDavid CarkeetDouble NegativeNominated
1981Best First NovelOliver BanksThe Rembrandt PanelNominated
1981Best First NovelBetsy AswadWinds Of The Old DaysNominated
1981Best First NovelKay Nolte SmithThe WatcherWon
1981Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisWhip HandWon
1981Best Mystery NovelRobert BarnardPosthumous Papers / Death of a Literary WidowNominated
1981Best Mystery NovelA.J. QuinnellMan on FireNominated
1981Best Mystery NovelReginald HillThe Spy's WifeNominated
1981Best Mystery NovelB.M. GillDeath DropNominated
1981Best Paperback OriginalMurray SinclairTough Luck L.A.Nominated
1981Best Paperback OriginalJohn DunningLooking For Ginger NorthNominated
1981Best Paperback OriginalThomas H. CookBlood InnocentsNominated
1981Best Paperback OriginalBill GrangerPublic MurdersWon
1981Grand MasterStanley EllinWon
1982Best First NovelAnthony OlcottMurder at the Red OctoberNominated
1982Best First NovelGeoffrey MillerThe Black GloveNominated
1982Best First NovelErnest LarsenNot a Through StreetNominated
1982Best First NovelTom HymanGiant KillerNominated
1982Best First NovelStuart WoodsChiefsWon
1982Best Mystery NovelRobert BarnardDeath in a Cold ClimateNominated
1982Best Mystery NovelPatrick McGinleyBogmailNominated
1982Best Mystery NovelRobert LittellThe AmateurNominated
1982Best Mystery NovelLiza CodyDupeNominated
1982Best Mystery NovelTed AllbeuryThe Other Side of SilenceNominated
1982Best Mystery NovelWilliam BayerPeregrineWon
1982Best Paperback OriginalJohn DunningDeadlineNominated
1982Best Paperback OriginalRaymond ObstfeldDead HeatNominated
1982Best Paperback OriginalAndrew NeidermanPinNominated
1982Best Paperback OriginalPatricia MacDonaldThe UnforgivenNominated
1982Best Paperback OriginalL.A. MorseThe Old DickWon
1982Grand MasterJulian SymonsWon
1983Best Fact CrimeRichard HammerThe Vatican ConnectionWon
1983Best First NovelErnest SavageTwo If by SeaNominated
1983Best First NovelJohn KatzenbachIn the Heat of the SummerNominated
1983Best First NovelRichard E. HughesUnholy CommunionNominated
1983Best First NovelS.F.X. DeanBy Frequent AnguishNominated
1983Best First NovelThomas PerryThe Butcher's BoyWon
1983Best Mystery NovelDonald E WestlakeKahawaNominated
1983Best Mystery NovelLawrence BlockEight Million Ways to DieNominated
1983Best Mystery NovelElmore LeonardSplit ImagesNominated
1983Best Mystery NovelSeymour ShubinThe CaptainNominated
1983Best Mystery NovelRick BoyerBillingsgate ShoalWon
1983Best Paperback OriginalJack LynchThe Missing and The DeadNominated
1983Best Paperback OriginalJames EllroyClandestineNominated
1983Best Paperback OriginalRalph BurrowsVital SignsNominated
1983Best Paperback OriginalTeri WhiteTriangleWon
1983Grand MasterMargaret MillarWon
1984Best First NovelCarolyn WheatDead Man's ThoughtsNominated
1984Best First NovelAndrew TaylorCaroline MinusculeNominated
1984Best First NovelMark SchorrRed DiamondNominated
1984Best First NovelHerbert ResnicowThe Gold SolutionNominated
1984Best First NovelWill HarrissThe Bay Psalm Book MurderWon
1984Best Mystery NovelJohn Le CarreThe Little Drummer Girl / A Death in the FamilyNominated
1984Best Mystery NovelWilliam McIlvanneyThe Papers of Tony VeitchNominated
1984Best Mystery NovelElmore LeonardLaBravaWon
1984Best Mystery NovelChristopher LeachBlood GamesNominated
1984Best Mystery NovelUmberto EcoThe Name of the RoseNominated
1984Best Paperback OriginalDavid HagbergFalse ProphetsNominated
1984Best Paperback OriginalEric SauterHunterNominated
1984Best Paperback OriginalWarren MurphyTraceNominated
1984Best Paperback OriginalRichard HarperThe Kill FactorNominated
1984Best Paperback OriginalAndrew KlavanMrs. WhiteWon
1984Grand MasterJohn Le CarreWon
1984Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardLilly CarlsonWon
1985Best First NovelAlison SmithSomeone Else's GraveNominated
1985Best First NovelJane HaddamSweet, Savage DeathNominated
1985Best First NovelDoug HornigFoul ShotNominated
1985Best First NovelSandra ScoppettoneA Creative Kind of KillerNominated
1985Best First NovelR.D. RosenStrike Three, You're DeadWon
1985Best Mystery NovelRoss ThomasBriarpatchWon
1985Best Mystery NovelB.M. GillThe Twelfth JurorNominated
1985Best Mystery NovelWilliam PearsonChessplayerNominated
1985Best Mystery NovelJane LangtonEmily Dickinson is DeadNominated
1985Best Mystery NovelMichael GilbertThe Black SeraphimNominated
1985Best Paperback OriginalKenn DavisWords Can KillNominated
1985Best Paperback OriginalWarren Murphy
Molly Cochran
1985Best Paperback OriginalStuart M. KaminskyBlack Knight in Red SquareNominated
1985Best Paperback OriginalRon CutlerThe Seventh SacramentNominated
1985Best Paperback OriginalEric BlauThe Keys to Billy TillioNominated
1985Grand MasterDorothy DavisWon
1985Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardBill CrenshawWon
1986Best First NovelDaniel StashowerThe Ectoplasmic ManNominated
1986Best First NovelDick LochteSleeping DogNominated
1986Best First NovelTony FennellyThe Glory Hole MurdersNominated
1986Best First NovelJonathan KellermanWhen the Bough BreaksWon
1986Best Mystery NovelRuth RendellAn Unkindness of RavensNominated
1986Best Mystery NovelSimon BrettA Shock to the SystemNominated
1986Best Mystery NovelPaul AusterCity of GlassNominated
1986Best Mystery NovelL.R. WrightThe SuspectWon
1986Best Paperback OriginalDavid HagbergBroken IdolsNominated
1986Best Paperback OriginalWarren MurphyPigs Get FatWon
1986Best Paperback OriginalConall RyanBlack GravityNominated
1986Best Paperback OriginalPhilip RossBlue HeronNominated
1986Best Paperback OriginalEarl EmersonPoverty BayNominated
1986Grand MasterEric AmblerWon
1986Grand MasterEd McBainWon
1986Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardDoug AllynFinal RitesWon
1987Best First NovelMike LupicaDead AirNominated
1987Best First NovelJoseph KoenigFloaterNominated
1987Best First NovelRichard HyerRiceburnerNominated
1987Best First NovelGary DevonLostNominated
1987Best First NovelLarry BeinhartNo One Rides for FreeWon
1987Best Mystery NovelJoe GoresCome MorningNominated
1987Best Mystery NovelRoger L. SimonThe Straight ManNominated
1987Best Mystery NovelRuth RendellA Dark-Adapted EyeWon
1987Best Mystery NovelBrian FreemantleCharlie Muffin and Russian Rose / The Blind RunNominated
1987Best Mystery NovelP.D. JamesA Taste for DeathNominated
1987Best Paperback OriginalKate GreenShattered MoonNominated
1987Best Paperback OriginalEdward A. Pollitz Jr.
Nick Christian
1987Best Paperback OriginalR.D. BrownHazzardNominated
1987Best Paperback OriginalLilian Jackson BraunThe Cat Who Saw RedNominated
1987Best Paperback OriginalRobert CampbellThe Junkyard DogWon
1987Grand MasterMichael GilbertWon
1987Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardMary KittredgeFather to the ManWon
1988Best Fact CrimeRichard HammerThe CBS MurdersWon
1988Best First NovelDomenic StansberryThe SpoilerNominated
1988Best First NovelDallas MurphyLover ManNominated
1988Best First NovelJohn LantiguaHeat LightningNominated
1988Best First NovelParnell HallDetectiveNominated
1988Best First NovelDeidre LaikenDeath Among StrangersWon
1988Best Mystery NovelB.M. GillNursery CrimesNominated
1988Best Mystery NovelCharlotte MacLeodThe Corpse in Oozak's PondNominated
1988Best Mystery NovelPeter LoveseyRough CiderNominated
1988Best Mystery NovelLinda BarnesA Trouble of FoolsNominated
1988Best Mystery NovelAaron ElkinsOld BonesWon
1988Best Paperback OriginalGabrielle KraftBullshotNominated
1988Best Paperback OriginalJames N. FreyThe Long Way to DieNominated
1988Best Paperback OriginalWalter DillionDeadly IntrusionNominated
1988Best Paperback OriginalRobert CraisThe Monkey's Raincoat Nominated
1988Best Paperback OriginalSharyn McCrumbBimbos of the Death SunWon
1988Grand MasterPhyllis WhitneyWon
1988Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardEric M. HeidemanWon
1989Best First NovelShelly ReubenJulian SoloNominated
1989Best First NovelElizabeth GeorgeA Great DeliveranceNominated
1989Best First NovelJ. DavisThe Murder of Frau SchutzNominated
1989Best First NovelMary Lou BennettMurder Once DoneNominated
1989Best First NovelDavid StoutCarolina SkeletonsWon
1989Best Mystery NovelTony HillermanA Thief of TimeNominated
1989Best Mystery NovelThomas H. CookSacrificial GroundNominated
1989Best Mystery NovelStuart M. KaminskyA Cold Red SunriseWon
1989Best Mystery NovelDavid L. LindseyIn the Lake of the MoonNominated
1989Best Mystery NovelK.C. ConstantineJoey's CaseNominated
1989Best Paperback OriginalAndrew KlavanThe TrapdoorNominated
1989Best Paperback OriginalTed Thackrey Jr.The PreacherNominated
1989Best Paperback OriginalLia MateraA Radical DepartureNominated
1989Best Paperback OriginalFredrick D. HuebnerJudgment by FireNominated
1989Best Paperback OriginalTimothy FindleyThe Telling of LiesWon
1989Grand MasterHillary WaughWon
1989Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardLinda O. JohnstonDifferent DrummersWon
1990Best First NovelBruce ZimmermanBlood Under the BridgeNominated
1990Best First NovelMelodie Johnson HoweThe Mother ShadowNominated
1990Best First NovelSusan ChehakThe Story of Annie D. / The Truth about Annie D.Nominated
1990Best First NovelBarry BergHide and SeekNominated
1990Best First NovelSusan WolfeThe Last Billable HourWon
1990Best Mystery NovelEugene IzziThe BoosterNominated
1990Best Mystery NovelBartholomew GillThe Death of a Joyce ScholarNominated
1990Best Mystery NovelFrances FyfieldA Question Of GuiltNominated
1990Best Mystery NovelAndrew CoburnGoldilocksNominated
1990Best Mystery NovelJames Lee BurkeBlack Cherry BluesWon
1990Best Paperback OriginalAndrew KlavanThe RainWon
1990Best Paperback OriginalDeborah ValentineA Collector of PhotographsNominated
1990Best Paperback OriginalRandy RussellHot WireNominated
1990Best Paperback OriginalEugene IzziKing of the HustlersNominated
1990Best Paperback OriginalJeffery DeaverManhattan Is My BeatNominated
1990Grand MasterHelen McCloyWon
1990Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardConnie HoltWon
1991Best First NovelWalter MosleyDevil in a Blue DressNominated
1991Best First NovelEdna BuchananNobody Lives ForeverNominated
1991Best First NovelW. Edward BlainPassion PlayNominated
1991Best First NovelGary AmoCome NightfallNominated
1991Best First NovelPatricia CornwellPostmortemWon
1991Best JuvenileBarbara SteinerGhost CaveNominated
1991Best Mystery NovelReginald HillBones and SilenceNominated
1991Best Mystery NovelR.D. ZimmermanDeadfall in BerlinNominated
1991Best Mystery NovelLoren D. EstlemanWhiskey RiverNominated
1991Best Mystery NovelJay BrandonFade the HeatNominated
1991Best Mystery NovelJulie SmithNew Orleans MourningWon
1991Best Paperback OriginalJane HaddamNot a Creature was StirringNominated
1991Best Paperback OriginalJohn Maddox RobertsThe King's GambitNominated
1991Best Paperback OriginalSheri S. TepperDead in the ScrubNominated
1991Best Paperback OriginalL.L. EngerComebackNominated
1991Best Paperback OriginalDavid HandlerThe Man Who Would Be F. Scott FitzgeraldWon
1991Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardJerry F. SkarkyWon
1992Best Critical/Biographical WorkTony HillermanNominated
1992Best Critical/Biographical WorkTony Hillerman
Ernie Bulow
Talking Mysteries: A Conversation With Tony HillermanNominated
1992Best First NovelDon WinslowA Cool Breeze on the UndergroundNominated
1992Best First NovelMary Willis WalkerZero at the BoneNominated
1992Best First NovelMarcy HeidishDeadlineNominated
1992Best First NovelTerence FahertyDeadstickNominated
1992Best First NovelPeter BlaunerSlow Motion RiotWon
1992Best Mystery NovelLawrence BlockA Dance at the SlaughterhouseWon
1992Best Mystery NovelAndrew KlavanDon't Say a WordNominated
1992Best Mystery NovelLia MateraPrior ConvictionsNominated
1992Best Mystery NovelNancy PickardI.O.U.Nominated
1992Best Paperback OriginalDeborah ValentineFine DistinctionsNominated
1992Best Paperback OriginalChristopher NewmanMidtown NorthNominated
1992Best Paperback OriginalEd NahaCracking UpNominated
1992Best Paperback OriginalP.M. CarlsonMurder in the Dog DaysNominated
1992Best Paperback OriginalThomas AdcockDark MazeWon
1992Best Short StoryWendy HornsbyNine SonsWon
1992Grand MasterElmore LeonardWon
1993Best First NovelJane Stanton HitchcockTrick of the EyeNominated
1993Best First NovelCraig Bradford SmithLadystingerNominated
1993Best First NovelChristine AndreaeTrail of MurderNominated
1993Best First NovelMichael ConnellyThe Black EchoWon
1993Best Mystery NovelJoe Gores32 CadillacsNominated
1993Best Mystery NovelLiza CodyBackhandNominated
1993Best Mystery NovelWalter MosleyWhite ButterflyNominated
1993Best Mystery NovelKem NunnPomona QueenNominated
1993Best Mystery NovelMargaret MaronBootlegger's DaughterWon
1993Best Paperback OriginalWilliam JefferiesShallow GravesNominated
1993Best Paperback OriginalBillie Sue MosimanNight Cruise / Night CruisingNominated
1993Best Paperback OriginalGini HartzmarkPrincipal DefenseNominated
1993Best Paperback OriginalDana StabenowA Cold Day For MurderWon
1993Best Short StoryBenjamin M. SchutzMary, Mary, Shut the DoorWon
1993Best Young AdultMalcolm RoseThe Highest Form of KillingNominated
1993Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardSteven SaylorA Will is a WayWon
1994Best First NovelDavid RosenbaumZaddikNominated
1994Best First NovelManuel RamosThe Ballad of Rocky RuizNominated
1994Best First NovelDarian NorthCriminal SeductionNominated
1994Best First NovelMark FrostThe List of SevenNominated
1994Best First NovelLaurie R. KingThe Beekeeper's ApprenticeWon
1994Best Mystery NovelGerald SeymourThe Journeyman TailorNominated
1994Best Mystery NovelRobert CraisFree FallNominated
1994Best Mystery NovelMarcia MullerWolf in the ShadowsNominated
1994Best Mystery NovelPeter HøegSmilla's Sense of Snow / Miss Smilla's Feeling for SnowNominated
1994Best Mystery NovelMinette WaltersThe SculptressWon
1994Best Paperback OriginalThomas A. RobertsBeyond SaruNominated
1994Best Paperback OriginalEugene IzziTony's JusticeNominated
1994Best Paperback OriginalLisa ScottolineEverywhere That Mary WentNominated
1994Best Paperback OriginalMargaret Frazer
Mary Pulver
The Servant's TaleNominated
1994Best Paperback OriginalSteven WomackDead Folks' BluesWon
1994Best Short StoryLawrence BlockKeller's TherapyWon
1994Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardD.A. McGuireWon
1995Best First NovelDoug J. SwansonBig TownNominated
1995Best First NovelBarbara ParkerSuspicion of InnocenceNominated
1995Best First NovelCarol O'ConnellMallory's OracleNominated
1995Best First NovelJanet EvanovichOne for the MoneyNominated
1995Best First NovelGeorge Dawes GreenThe Caveman's Valentine / The CavemanWon
1995Best Mystery NovelLawrence BlockA Long Line of Dead MenNominated
1995Best Mystery NovelEdna BuchananMiami, It's MurderNominated
1995Best Mystery NovelMary Willis WalkerThe Red ScreamWon
1995Best Mystery NovelPeter RobinsonWednesday's ChildNominated
1995Best Mystery NovelPeter AbrahamsLights OutNominated
1995Best Paperback OriginalLisa ScottolineFinal AppealWon
1995Best Paperback OriginalChassie WestSunriseNominated
1995Best Paperback OriginalWalter SorrellsPower of AttorneyNominated
1995Best Paperback OriginalDean FeldmeyerViper QuarryNominated
1995Best Paperback OriginalMilton R. BassThe Broken-Hearted DetectiveNominated
1995Best Short StoryDoug AllynThe Dancing BearWon
1995Grand MasterMarcia MullerWon
1995Grand MasterMickey SpillaneWon
1995Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardBatya Swift YasgurWon
1996Best First NovelDavid J. WalkerFixed in His FollyNominated
1996Best First NovelAllan PedrazasThe Harry ChroniclesNominated
1996Best First NovelKevin AllmanTight Shot: A Hollywood MysteryNominated
1996Best First NovelDavid HousewrightPenanceWon
1996Best First NovelMartha C. LawrenceMurder in ScorpioNominated
1996Best Mystery NovelDick FrancisCome to GriefWon
1996Best Mystery NovelJohn DunningThe Bookman's WakeNominated
1996Best Mystery NovelJohn KatzenbachThe Shadow ManNominated
1996Best Mystery NovelPeter LoveseyThe SummonsNominated
1996Best Mystery NovelEdward MarstonThe Roaring BoyNominated
1996Best Paperback OriginalR.D. WingfieldHard FrostNominated
1996Best Paperback OriginalGloria WhiteCharged with GuiltNominated
1996Best Paperback OriginalKirk MitchellHigh Desert MaliceNominated
1996Best Paperback OriginalHarlan CobenDeal BreakerNominated
1996Best Paperback OriginalWilliam HeffernanTarnished BlueWon
1996Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardJames SarafinWon
1997Best First NovelMichael C. WhiteA Brother's BloodNominated
1997Best First NovelCharles ToddA Test of WillsNominated
1997Best First NovelSharon Kay PenmanThe Queen's ManNominated
1997Best First NovelMargaret MoseleyBonita FayeNominated
1997Best First NovelJohn Morgan WilsonSimple JusticeWon
1997Best Mystery NovelThomas H. CookThe Chatham School AffairWon
1997Best Mystery NovelCarolyn WheatMean StreakNominated
1997Best Mystery NovelLaurie R. KingWith ChildNominated
1997Best Mystery NovelAnne PerryPentecost AlleyNominated
1997Best Paperback OriginalR.D. ZimmermanTribeNominated
1997Best Paperback OriginalHarlan CobenFade AwayWon
1997Best Paperback OriginalSusan WadeWalking RainNominated
1997Best Paperback OriginalTeri HolbrookThe Grass WidowNominated
1997Best Paperback OriginalJoan M. DrurySilent WordsNominated
1997Best Short StoryBrendan DuBoisThe Dark Snow and Other MysteriesNominated
1997Grand MasterRuth RendellWon
1997Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardDavid VaughnWon
1998Best First NovelK.J.A. Wishnia23 Shades of BlackNominated
1998Best First NovelLisa SeeFlower NetNominated
1998Best First NovelPhilip ReedBird DogNominated
1998Best First NovelSuzanne BerneA Crime in the NeighborhoodNominated
1998Best First NovelJoseph KanonLos AlamosWon
1998Best Mystery NovelBill PronziniA Wasteland of StrangersNominated
1998Best Mystery NovelJames Lee BurkeCimarron RoseWon
1998Best Mystery NovelMark SullivanThe Purification CeremonyNominated
1998Best Mystery NovelIan RankinBlack and BlueNominated
1998Best Mystery NovelDeborah CrombieDreaming of the BonesNominated
1998Best Paperback OriginalStuart M. KaminskyTarnished IconsNominated
1998Best Paperback OriginalMargaret FrazerThe Prioress' TaleNominated
1998Best Paperback OriginalGloria WhiteSunset and SantiagoNominated
1998Best Paperback OriginalSusan Rogers CooperHome Again, Home AgainNominated
1998Best Paperback OriginalLaura LippmanCharm CityWon
1998Best Short StoryLawrence BlockKeller on the SpotWon
1998Grand MasterElizabeth PetersWon
1998Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardRosaland RolandWon
1999Best First NovelD.R. SchankerA Criminal AppealNominated
1999Best First NovelJen SacksNiceNominated
1999Best First NovelChristopher ReichNumbered AccountNominated
1999Best First NovelIra GenbergReckless HomicideNominated
1999Best First NovelSteve HamiltonA Cold Day in ParadiseWon
1999Best Mystery NovelDomenic StansberryThe Last Days of Il DuceNominated
1999Best Mystery NovelJulia Wallis MartinA Likeness In StoneNominated
1999Best Mystery NovelRobert GoddardBeyond RecallNominated
1999Best Mystery NovelRobert ClarkMr. White's ConfessionWon
1999Best Mystery NovelMichael ConnellyBlood WorkNominated
1999Best Paperback OriginalSteven WomackMurder ManualNominated
1999Best Paperback OriginalWalter Sorrells
Ruth Birmingham
Atlanta GravesNominated
1999Best Paperback OriginalLaura LippmanButchers HillNominated
1999Best Paperback OriginalSujata MasseyZen AttitudeNominated
1999Best Paperback OriginalRick RiordanThe Widower's Two-StepWon
1999Best Short StoryTom FranklinPoachersWon
1999Grand MasterP.D. JamesWon
1999Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardBrynn BonnerClarityWon
2000Best First NovelPaula L. WoodsInner City BluesNominated
2000Best First NovelBoston TeranGod Is a BulletNominated
2000Best First NovelDave Barry
Carl Hiaasen
Elmore Leonard
Edna Buchanan
Les Standiford
Paul Levine
Brian Antoni
Tananarive Due
John Dufresne
Vicki Hendricks
Carolina Hospital
Evelyn Mayerson
Naked Came the ManateeNominated
2000Best First NovelArthur W. BahrCertifiably InsaneNominated
2000Best First NovelEliot PattisonThe Skull MantraWon
2000Best Mystery NovelRobert CraisL. A. RequiemNominated
2000Best Mystery NovelPeter RobinsonIn a Dry SeasonNominated
2000Best Mystery NovelStephen GreenleafStrawberry SundayNominated
2000Best Mystery NovelRennie AirthRiver of DarknessNominated
2000Best Mystery NovelJan BurkeBonesWon
2000Best Paperback OriginalWalter SorrellsFulton County BluesWon
2000Best Paperback OriginalLaura LippmanIn Big TroubleNominated
2000Best Paperback OriginalJosé LatourOutcastNominated
2000Best Short StoryAnne PerryHeroesWon
2000Grand MasterMary Higgins ClarkWon
2000Mary Higgins Clark AwardRobert CraisDemolition AngelNominated
2000Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardMike ReissCro-Magnon, P.I.Won
2001Best Fact CrimeDick Lehr
Gerard O'Neill
Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish MobWon
2001Best First NovelPeter SmithRavelingNominated
2001Best First NovelMarcia SimpsonCrow in Stolen ColorsNominated
2001Best First NovelQiu XiaolongDeath of a Red HeroineNominated
2001Best First NovelDavid LissA Conspiracy of PaperWon
2001Best Mystery NovelNancy PickardThe Whole TruthNominated
2001Best Mystery NovelT. Jefferson ParkerRed LightNominated
2001Best Mystery NovelKris NelscottA Dangerous RoadNominated
2001Best Mystery NovelVal McDermidA Place of ExecutionNominated
2001Best Mystery NovelJoe R. LansdaleThe BottomsWon
2001Best Paperback OriginalChassie WestKilling KinNominated
2001Best Paperback OriginalSally WrightPursuit and PersuasionNominated
2001Best Paperback OriginalEric WrightThe Kidnapping of Rosie DawnNominated
2001Best Paperback OriginalVictoria ThompsonMurder on St. Mark's PlaceNominated
2001Best Paperback OriginalMark GrahamThe Black MariaWon
2001Grand MasterEdward D. HochWon
2001Mary Higgins Clark AwardJodi PicoultPlain TruthNominated
2001Mary Higgins Clark AwardLeila KellyFalse WitnessNominated
2001Mary Higgins Clark AwardLynn S. HightowerThe Debt CollectorNominated
2001Mary Higgins Clark AwardBarbara D'AmatoAuthorized Personnel OnlyWon
2001Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardM.J. JonesWon
2002Best First NovelDenise HamiltonThe Jasmine TradeNominated
2002Best First NovelVictor GischlerGun Monkeys / Fast CharlieNominated
2002Best First NovelGabriel CohenRed HookNominated
2002Best First NovelC.J. BoxOpen SeasonNominated
2002Best First NovelDavid EllisLine Of VisionWon
2002Best Mystery NovelEd McBainMoney, Money, MoneyNominated
2002Best Mystery NovelHarlan CobenTell No OneNominated
2002Best Mystery NovelT. Jefferson ParkerSilent JoeWon
2002Best Mystery NovelS.J. RozanReflecting the Sky / Blood RitesNominated
2002Best Mystery NovelD.W. BuffaThe JudgmentNominated
2002Best Paperback OriginalGraham MastertonTraumaNominated
2002Best Paperback OriginalTeri HolbrookThe Mother TongueNominated
2002Best Paperback OriginalMartin J. SmithStraw MenNominated
2002Best Paperback OriginalP.J. ParrishDead of WinterNominated
2002Best Paperback OriginalDaniel ChavarríaAdiós muchachosWon
2002Best Short StoryS.J. RozanDouble-Crossing DelanceyWon
2002Grand MasterRobert B. ParkerWon
2002Mary Higgins Clark AwardDenise SwansonMurder of a Sweet Old LadyNominated
2002Mary Higgins Clark AwardM.K. PrestonPerhaps She'll DieNominated
2002Mary Higgins Clark AwardRhys BowenMurphy's LawNominated
2002Mary Higgins Clark AwardJudith KelmanSummer of StormsWon
2002Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardMichael HemmingsonWon
2003Best First NovelDavid RosenfeltOpen and ShutNominated
2003Best First NovelBen RehderBuck FeverNominated
2003Best First NovelKam MajdHigh WireNominated
2003Best First NovelStephen ClarkSouthern LatitudesNominated
2003Best First NovelJonathon KingThe Blue Edge of MidnightWon
2003Best Mystery NovelJames Lee BurkeJolie Blon's BounceNominated
2003Best Mystery NovelMichael ConnellyCity of BonesNominated
2003Best Mystery NovelS.J. RozanWinter and Night / Blood TiesWon
2003Best Mystery NovelManda ScottNo Good DeedNominated
2003Best Mystery NovelMary Kay AndrewsSavannah BluesNominated
2003Best Paperback OriginalAnna SalterPrison BluesNominated
2003Best Paperback OriginalJohn LutzThe Night WatcherNominated
2003Best Paperback OriginalJeff AbbottBlack Jack PointNominated
2003Best Paperback OriginalT.J. MacGregorOut of SightWon
2003Grand MasterIra LevinWon
2003Mary Higgins Clark AwardLaura Van WormerThe Bad WitnessNominated
2003Mary Higgins Clark AwardKaren HarperThe Stone ForestNominated
2003Mary Higgins Clark AwardRose ConnorsAbsolute CertaintyWon
2003Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardMike DooganWar Can Be MurderWon
2004Best First NovelOlen SteinhauerThe Bridge of SighsNominated
2004Best First NovelJames HimeThe Night of the DanceNominated
2004Best First NovelRobert HeilbrunOffer of ProofNominated
2004Best First NovelMartha Conway12 Bliss StreetNominated
2004Best First NovelRebecca PawelDeath of a NationalistWon
2004Best Mystery NovelJeff AbbottCut and RunNominated
2004Best Mystery NovelJacqueline WinspearMaisie DobbsNominated
2004Best Mystery NovelNatsuo KirinoOutNominated
2004Best Mystery NovelKen BruenThe GuardsNominated
2004Best Mystery NovelIan RankinResurrection MenWon
2004Best Paperback OriginalChristopher HydeWisdom of the BonesNominated
2004Best Paperback OriginalJoel GoldmanThe Last WitnessNominated
2004Best Paperback OriginalSylvia Maultash WarshFind Me AgainWon
2004Best Paperback OriginalNina RevoyrSouthlandNominated
2004Grand MasterJoseph WambaughWon
2004Mary Higgins Clark AwardSujata MasseyThe Pearl DiverNominated
2004Mary Higgins Clark AwardKatherine Hall PageThe Body in the LighthouseNominated
2004Mary Higgins Clark AwardVirginia LanierA Bloodhound To Die ForNominated
2004Mary Higgins Clark AwardNancy Baker JacobsRicochetNominated
2004Mary Higgins Clark AwardM.K. PrestonSong of the BonesWon
2004Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardSandra BalzoThe Grass is Always GreenerWon
2005Best First NovelBob MorrisBahamaramaNominated
2005Best First NovelMichael KorytaTonight I Said GoodbyeNominated
2005Best First NovelLiam CallananThe Cloud AtlasNominated
2005Best First NovelRichard AleasLittle Girl LostNominated
2005Best First NovelDon LeeCountry of OriginWon
2005Best Mystery NovelLaura LippmanBy a Spider's ThreadNominated
2005Best Mystery NovelT. Jefferson ParkerCalifornia GirlWon
2005Best Mystery NovelRhys BowenEvan's GateNominated
2005Best Mystery NovelJulia Spencer-FlemingOut of the Deep I CryNominated
2005Best Mystery NovelChris MooneyRemembering SarahNominated
2005Best Paperback OriginalThomas H. CookInto the WebNominated
2005Best Paperback OriginalLarry BeinhartThe LibrarianNominated
2005Best Paperback OriginalDomenic StansberryThe ConfessionWon
2005Best Paperback OriginalChris HaslamTwelve-Step FandangoNominated
2005Best Paperback OriginalRon FaustDead Men Rise Up NeverNominated
2005Mary Higgins Clark AwardPatricia RyanMurder in a Mill TownNominated
2005Mary Higgins Clark AwardChristiane HegganScent of a KillerNominated
2005Mary Higgins Clark AwardCarol GoodmanThe Seduction of WaterNominated
2005Mary Higgins Clark AwardJerrilyn FarmerPerfect SaxNominated
2005Mary Higgins Clark AwardRochelle KrichGrave EndingsWon
2005Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardTim McLoughlin
Thomas Morrissey
2006Best First NovelAlison GaylinHide Your EyesNominated
2006Best First NovelScott FrostRun The RiskNominated
2006Best First NovelBrian FreemanImmoralNominated
2006Best First NovelMegan AbbottDie a LittleNominated
2006Best First NovelTheresa SchwegelOfficer DownWon
2006Best Mystery NovelThomas H. CookRed LeavesNominated
2006Best Mystery NovelGeorge PelecanosDrama CityNominated
2006Best Mystery NovelTess GerritsenVanishNominated
2006Best Mystery NovelJess WalterCitizen VinceWon
2006Best Mystery NovelMichael ConnellyThe Lincoln LawyerNominated
2006Best Paperback OriginalCharlie HustonSix Bad ThingsNominated
2006Best Paperback OriginalAllan GuthrieKiss Her GoodbyeNominated
2006Best Paperback OriginalReed Farrel ColemanThe James DeansNominated
2006Best Paperback OriginalDarryl Ponicsan
Anne Argula
Homicide My OwnNominated
2006Best Paperback OriginalJeffrey FordThe Girl in the GlassWon
2006Grand MasterStuart M. KaminskyWon
2006Mary Higgins Clark AwardFaith Hunter
Gwen Hunter
Shadow ValleyNominated
2006Mary Higgins Clark AwardJo BannisterBreaking FaithNominated
2006Mary Higgins Clark AwardKaren HarperDark AngelWon
2006Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardEddie NewtonWon
2007Best First NovelCornelia ReadA Field of DarknessNominated
2007Best First NovelSteve HockensmithHolmes on the RangeNominated
2007Best First NovelJohn HartThe King of LiesNominated
2007Best First NovelGillian FlynnSharp ObjectsNominated
2007Best First NovelAlex BerensonThe Faithful SpyWon
2007Best Mystery NovelNancy PickardThe Virgin of Small PlainsNominated
2007Best Mystery NovelOlen SteinhauerLiberation MovementsNominated
2007Best Mystery NovelDenise MinaThe Dead HourNominated
2007Best Mystery NovelJoanne HarrisGentlemen and PlayersNominated
2007Best Mystery NovelLouis BayardThe Pale Blue EyeNominated
2007Best Mystery NovelJason GoodwinThe Janissary TreeWon
2007Best Paperback OriginalPatrick NeateCity of Tiny LightsNominated
2007Best Paperback OriginalPaul LevineThe Deep Blue AlibiNominated
2007Best Paperback OriginalBrian EvensonThe Open CurtainNominated
2007Best Paperback OriginalMassimo Carlotto
Lawrence Venuti
The Goodbye KissNominated
2007Best Paperback OriginalNaomi HiraharaSnakeskin ShamisenWon
2007Best Young AdultMariah FredericksCrunch TimeNominated
2007Grand MasterStephen KingWon
2007Mary Higgins Clark AwardFiona MountainBloodlineWon
2007Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardWilliam Dylan PowellEvening GoldWon
2008Best First NovelDerek NikitasPyresNominated
2008Best First NovelCraig McDonaldHead GamesNominated
2008Best First NovelChristopher GoffardSnitch JacketNominated
2008Best First NovelGordon CampbellMissing WitnessNominated
2008Best First NovelTana FrenchIn the WoodsWon
2008Best Mystery NovelKen BruenPriestNominated
2008Best Mystery NovelReed Farrel ColemanSoul PatchNominated
2008Best Mystery NovelJohn HartDown RiverWon
2008Best Mystery NovelMichael ChabonThe Yiddish Policemen's UnionNominated
2008Best Mystery NovelJohn BanvilleChristine FallsNominated
2008Best Paperback OriginalMegan AbbottQueenpinWon
2008Best Paperback OriginalKevin WignallWho is Conrad Hirst?Nominated
2008Best Paperback OriginalRussell HillRobbie's WifeNominated
2008Best Paperback OriginalVicki HendricksCruel PoetryNominated
2008Best Paperback OriginalDavid CorbettBlood of ParadiseNominated
2008Grand MasterBill PronziniWon
2008Mary Higgins Clark AwardJudith KelmanThe First StoneNominated
2008Mary Higgins Clark AwardKaren HarperInfernoNominated
2008Mary Higgins Clark AwardSarah AndrewsIn Cold PursuitNominated
2008Mary Higgins Clark AwardSandi AultWild IndigoWon
2008Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardMark AmmonsWon
2009Best First NovelJustin PeacockA Cure for NightNominated
2009Best First NovelCharlie NewtonCalumet CityNominated
2009Best First NovelDavid FullerSweetsmokeNominated
2009Best First NovelTom EppersonThe Kind OneNominated
2009Best First NovelFrancie LinThe ForeignerWon
2009Best Mystery NovelLisa LutzCurse of the SpellmansNominated
2009Best Mystery NovelDeclan HughesThe Dying Breed / The Price of BloodNominated
2009Best Mystery NovelRobert FerrignoSins of the AssassinNominated
2009Best Mystery NovelKarin AlvtegenMissingNominated
2009Best Mystery NovelC.J. BoxBlue HeavenWon
2009Best Mystery NovelMorag JossThe Night FollowingNominated
2009Best Paperback OriginalTom PiccirilliThe Cold SpotNominated
2009Best Paperback OriginalEd GaffneyEnemy CombatantNominated
2009Best Paperback OriginalChrista FaustMoney ShotNominated
2009Best Paperback OriginalMeg GardinerChina LakeWon
2009Best Paperback OriginalAlex CarrThe Prince of Bagram PrisonNominated
2009Grand MasterJames Lee BurkeWon
2009Grand MasterSue GraftonWon
2009Mary Higgins Clark AwardLouise UreThe Fault TreeNominated
2009Mary Higgins Clark AwardBetsy ThorntonA Song for YouNominated
2009Mary Higgins Clark AwardJulie KramerStalking SusanNominated
2009Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonSacrificeNominated
2009Mary Higgins Clark AwardBill FloydThe Killer's WifeWon
2009Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardJoe GuglielmelliWon
2010Best First NovelSophie LittlefieldA Bad Day for SorryNominated
2010Best First NovelHeather GudenkaufThe Weight of SilenceNominated
2010Best First NovelBryan GruleyStarvation LakeNominated
2010Best First NovelDavid CristofanoThe Girl She Used to BeNominated
2010Best First NovelStefanie PintoffIn the Shadow of GothamWon
2010Best First NovelMalla NunnA Beautiful Place to DieNominated
2010Best Mystery NovelCharlie HustonThe Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of DeathNominated
2010Best Mystery NovelJohn HartIron HouseWon
2010Best Mystery NovelJo NesbøNemesisNominated
2010Best Mystery NovelKathleen GeorgeThe OddsNominated
2010Best Mystery NovelTim GautreauxThe MissingNominated
2010Best Paperback OriginalRussell HillThe Lord God BirdNominated
2010Best Paperback OriginalL.C. TylerThe Herring Seller's ApprenticeNominated
2010Best Paperback OriginalRobert ArellanoHavana LunarNominated
2010Best Paperback OriginalMarc StrangeBody BlowsWon
2010Best Young AdultPeter AbrahamsReality CheckWon
2010Grand MasterDorothy GilmanWon
2010Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonAwakeningWon
2010Mary Higgins Clark AwardSusan KandelDial H for HitchcockNominated
2010Mary Higgins Clark AwardNadia GordonLethal VintageNominated
2010Mary Higgins Clark AwardHallie EphronNever Tell a LieNominated
2010Mary Higgins Clark AwardBlaize ClementCat Sitter on a Hot Tin RoofNominated
2010Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardDan WarthmanWon
2011Best First NovelJames ThompsonSnow AngelsNominated
2011Best First NovelNic PizzolattoGalvestonNominated
2011Best First NovelDavid GordonThe SerialistNominated
2011Best First NovelPaul DoironThe Poacher's SonNominated
2011Best First NovelBruce DeSilvaRogue IslandWon
2011Best Mystery NovelHarlan CobenCaughtNominated
2011Best Mystery NovelLaura LippmanI'd Know You Anywhere / Don't Look BackNominated
2011Best Mystery NovelSteve HamiltonThe Lock ArtistWon
2011Best Mystery NovelTana FrenchFaithful PlaceNominated
2011Best Mystery NovelTimothy HallinanThe Queen of PatpongNominated
2011Best Mystery NovelTom FranklinCrooked Letter, Crooked LetterNominated
2011Best Paperback OriginalRobert GoddardLong Time ComingWon
2011Best Paperback OriginalL.C. TylerTen Little HerringsNominated
2011Best Paperback OriginalFrank TallisDarkness Rising / Vienna SecretsNominated
2011Best Paperback OriginalDuane SwierczynskiExpiration DateNominated
2011Best Paperback OriginalCatherine O'FlynnThe News Where You AreNominated
2011Grand MasterSara ParetskyWon
2011Mary Higgins Clark AwardKaren HarperDown RiverNominated
2011Mary Higgins Clark AwardSandi AultWild PenanceNominated
2011Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonBlood HarvestNominated
2011Mary Higgins Clark AwardWendy Corsi StaubLive to TellNominated
2011Mary Higgins Clark AwardElly GriffithsThe Crossing PlacesWon
2011Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardEvan LewisSkyler Hobbs and the Rabbit ManWon
2012Best First NovelSteve UlfelderPurgatory ChasmNominated
2012Best First NovelLeonard RosenAll Cry ChaosNominated
2012Best First NovelDavid DuffyLast to FoldNominated
2012Best First NovelEdward ConlonRed on RedNominated
2012Best First NovelLori RoyBent RoadWon
2012Best Mystery NovelPhilip KerrField GrayNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelAnne Holt1222Nominated
2012Best Mystery NovelKeigo HigashinoThe Devotion of Suspect XNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelAce AtkinsThe RangerNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelMo HayderGoneWon
2012Best Paperback OriginalRussell HillThe Dog SoxNominated
2012Best Paperback OriginalFrank TallisVienna Twilight / Deadly CommunionNominated
2012Best Paperback OriginalMichael StanleyThe Death of the MantisNominated
2012Best Paperback OriginalLucretia GrindleThe Faces of AngelsNominated
2012Best Paperback OriginalRobert Jackson BennettThe Company ManWon
2012Grand MasterMartha GrimesWon
2012Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonNow You See MeNominated
2012Mary Higgins Clark AwardHallie EphronCome and Find MeNominated
2012Mary Higgins Clark AwardTracy KielyMurder Most PersuasiveNominated
2012Mary Higgins Clark AwardJanice HamrickDeath on TourNominated
2012Mary Higgins Clark AwardSara J. HenryLearning to SwimWon
2012Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardDavid IngramWon
2013Best Critical/Biographical WorkJohn Connolly
Declan Burke
James Lee Burke
Agatha Christie
Elmore Leonard
Ed McBain
Patricia Highsmith
Edgar Allan Poe
Raymond Chandler
James Ellroy
Dashiell Hammett
Ross Macdonald
James Crumley
James M. Cain
Richard Starkings
Wilkie Collins
Scott Phillips
James Sallis
Geoffrey Household
Scott Smith
William Prescott Smith
David Scott Smith
Thomas Harris
Books to Die ForNominated
2013Best Critical/Biographical WorkOtto Penzler
Lawrence Block
Dennis Lehane
Reed Farrel Coleman
Ed Gorman
Brendan DuBois
Loren D. Estleman
S.J. Rozan
Jeremiah Healy
Max Allan Collins
Gary Phillips
Parnell Hall
Ace Atkins
Lyndsay Faye
Matthew Clemens
In Pursuit of SpenserNominated
2013Best Critical/Biographical WorkJames F. O'BrienThe Scientific Sherlock Holmes: Cracking the Case with Science and ForensicsWon
2013Best First NovelMichael SearsBlack FridaysNominated
2013Best First NovelMatthew QuirkThe 500Nominated
2013Best First NovelSusan Elia MacNealMr. Churchill's SecretaryNominated
2013Best First NovelDaniel FriedmanDon't Ever Get OldNominated
2013Best First NovelKim FayThe Map of Lost MemoriesNominated
2013Best First NovelChris PavoneThe ExpatsWon
2013Best Mystery NovelWalter MosleyAll I Did Was Shoot My ManNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelGillian FlynnGone GirlNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelAce AtkinsThe Lost OnesNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelAl LamandaSunsetNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelJesse KellermanPotboiler / I'll Catch YouNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelLyndsay FayeThe Gods of GothamNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelDennis LehaneLive by NightWon
2013Best Paperback OriginalMalla NunnBlessed Are the Dead / Silent Valley Nominated
2013Best Paperback OriginalAlan GlynnBloodlandNominated
2013Best Paperback OriginalLou BerneyWhiplash RiverNominated
2013Best Paperback OriginalIsaac AdamsonComplicationNominated
2013Best Paperback OriginalBen H. WintersThe Last PolicemanWon
2013Best Short StoryKarin SlaughterThe Unremarkable HeartWon
2013Grand MasterKen FollettWon
2013Grand MasterMargaret MaronWon
2013Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonDead ScaredNominated
2013Mary Higgins Clark AwardWendy Corsi StaubSleepwalkerNominated
2013Mary Higgins Clark AwardJane CaseyThe ReckoningNominated
2013Mary Higgins Clark AwardRebecca CantrellA City of Broken GlassNominated
2013Mary Higgins Clark AwardHank Phillippi RyanThe Other WomanWon
2013Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardPatricia SmithWon
2014Best Fact CrimeDaniel StashowerThe Hour of PerilWon
2014Best First NovelKimberly McCreightReconstructing AmeliaNominated
2014Best First NovelBecky MastermanRage Against the DyingNominated
2014Best First NovelRoger HobbsGhostmanNominated
2014Best First NovelMatthew GuinnThe ResurrectionistNominated
2014Best First NovelJason MatthewsRed SparrowWon
2014Best Mystery NovelThomas H. CookSandrine's Case / SandrineNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelIan RankinStanding in Another Man's GraveNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelLori RoyUntil She Comes HomeNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelMatt HaigThe HumansNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelWilliam Kent KruegerOrdinary GraceWon
2014Best Paperback OriginalStephen KingJoylandNominated
2014Best Paperback OriginalMarcus SakeyBrillianceNominated
2014Best Paperback OriginalPaul CleaveJoe VictimNominated
2014Best Paperback OriginalE.R. BrownAlmost CriminalNominated
2014Best Paperback OriginalLisa BallantyneThe Guilty OneNominated
2014Best Paperback OriginalAlex MarwoodThe Wicked GirlsWon
2014Best Short StoryJohn ConnollyThe Caxton Private Lending Library & Book DepositoryWon
2014Grand MasterRobert CraisWon
2014Mary Higgins Clark AwardHallie EphronThere Was an Old WomanNominated
2014Mary Higgins Clark AwardLinda StasiThe Sixth StationNominated
2014Mary Higgins Clark AwardKatia LiefThe Money Kill / Dead RichNominated
2014Mary Higgins Clark AwardSusan FroetschelFear of BeautyNominated
2014Mary Higgins Clark AwardJenny MilchmanCover of SnowWon
2014Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardJeff SolowayThe Wentworth LetterWon
2015Best Fact CrimeHarold SchechterThe Mad SculptorNominated
2015Best Fact CrimeLacy M. JohnsonThe Other Side: A MemoirNominated
2015Best Fact CrimeCarl HoffmanSavage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's Tragic Quest for Primitive ArtNominated
2015Best Fact CrimeKevin CookKitty GenoveseNominated
2015Best Fact CrimeWilliam J. MannTinseltownWon
2015Best First NovelJulia DahlInvisible CityNominated
2015Best First NovelAshley WeaverMurder at the BrightwellNominated
2015Best First NovelAdam SternberghShovel ReadyNominated
2015Best First NovelC.B. McKenzieBad CountryNominated
2015Best First NovelAllen EskensThe Life We BuryNominated
2015Best First NovelTom BoumanDry Bones in the ValleyWon
2015Best JuvenileSteve Hockensmith
Bob Pflugfelder
Nick and Tesla's Super-Cyborg Gadget GloveNominated
2015Best JuvenileMarcia WellsMystery on Museum MileNominated
2015Best JuvenileStuart GibbsSpace CaseNominated
2015Best JuvenileHeather FrederickAbsolutely TrulyNominated
2015Best JuvenileKate MilfordGreenglass HouseWon
2015Best Mystery NovelStephen KingMr. MercedesWon
2015Best Mystery NovelKarin SlaughterCop TownNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelStuart NevilleThe Final SilenceNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelWiley CashThis Dark Road to MercyNominated
2015Best Paperback OriginalBen H. WintersWorld of TroubleNominated
2015Best Paperback OriginalLisa TurnerThe Gone Dead TrainNominated
2015Best Paperback OriginalCatriona McPhersonThe Day She DiedNominated
2015Best Paperback OriginalWilliam LashnerThe BarkeepNominated
2015Best Paperback OriginalChris AbaniThe Secret History of Las VegasWon
2015Best Short StoryGillian FlynnThe GrownupWon
2015Best Young AdultBlake NelsonThe Prince of Venice BeachNominated
2015Best Young AdultLamar GilesFake IDNominated
2015Best Young AdultElle CosimanoNearly GoneNominated
2015Best Young AdultPaolo BacigalupiThe Doubt FactoryNominated
2015Best Young AdultJames KliseThe Art of SecretsWon
2015Grand MasterJames EllroyWon
2015Grand MasterLois DuncanWon
2015Mary Higgins Clark AwardSharon BoltonA Dark and Twisted TideNominated
2015Mary Higgins Clark AwardJane CaseyThe Stranger You KnowWon
2015Mary Higgins Clark AwardLori Rader-DayThe Black HourNominated
2015Mary Higgins Clark AwardJulia KellerSummer of the DeadNominated
2015Mary Higgins Clark AwardJulia DahlInvisible CityNominated
2015Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardZoe Z. DeanGetaway GirlWon
2016Best Critical BiographicalMartin EdwardsThe Golden Age of MurderWon
2016Best Critical BiographicalFrederick Forsyth The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue Nominated
2016Best Fact CrimeVal McDermidForensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime Nominated
2016Best First NovelRebecca SchermUnbecomingNominated
2016Best First NovelJessica KnollLuckiest Girl AliveNominated
2016Best First NovelDavid JoyWhere All Light Tends to GoNominated
2016Best First NovelGlen Erik HamiltonPast CrimesNominated
2016Best First NovelViet Thanh NguyenThe SympathizerWon
2016Best JuvenileKevin SandsThe Blackthorn KeyNominated
2016Best JuvenileLauren Oliver
H.C. Chester
The Shrunken HeadNominated
2016Best JuvenileMatthew BakerIf You Find ThisNominated
2016Best JuvenileAvi Catch You Later, TraitorNominated
2016Best JuvenileSusan VaughtFooter Davis Probably Is CrazyWon
2016Best Mystery NovelDuane SwierczynskiCanaryNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelLori RoyLet Me Die in His FootstepsWon
2016Best Mystery NovelPhilip KerrThe Lady from ZagrebNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelDavid C. TaylorNight LifeNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelMichael RobothamLife or DeathNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelM.J. CarterThe Strangler VineNominated
2016Best Paperback OriginalLou BerneyThe Long and Faraway GoneWon
2016Best Paperback OriginalJane ShemiltThe DaughterNominated
2016Best Paperback OriginalAdrian McKintyGun Street GirlNominated
2016Best Paperback OriginalGordon McAlpineWoman with a Blue PencilNominated
2016Best Paperback OriginalGilly MacmillanWhat She Knew / Burnt Paper SkyNominated
2016Best Paperback OriginalMalcolm MackayThe Necessary Death of Lewis WinterNominated
2016Best Short StoryDenise MinaEvery Seven YearsNominated
2016Best Young AdultHenry TurnerAsk the DarkNominated
2016Best Young AdultNova SumaThe Walls Around UsNominated
2016Best Young AdultMelinda SalisburyThe Sin Eater's DaughterNominated
2016Best Young AdultLamar GilesEndangeredNominated
2016Best Young AdultMindy McGinnisA Madness So DiscreetWon
2016Grand MasterWalter MosleyWon
2016Grand MasterEric WrightWon
2016Mary Higgins Clark AwardHallie EphronNight Night, Sleep TightNominated
2016Mary Higgins Clark AwardLori Rader-DayLittle Pretty ThingsWon
2016Mary Higgins Clark AwardCatriona McPhersonThe Child GardenNominated
2016Mary Higgins Clark AwardSusanna CalkinsThe Masque of a MurdererNominated
2016Mary Higgins Clark AwardFrances BrodyA Woman UnknownNominated
2016Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardRussell W. JohnsonChung Ling Soo's Greatest TrickWon
2017Best Critical BiographicalRuth FranklinShirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted LifeWon
2017Best Fact CrimeEli SandersWhile the City SleptNominated
2017Best Fact CrimeKate SummerscaleThe Wicked BoyWon
2017Best First NovelHeather YoungThe Lost GirlsNominated
2017Best First NovelLili WrightDancing with the TigerNominated
2017Best First NovelNick PetrieThe DrifterNominated
2017Best First NovelJoe IdeIQNominated
2017Best First NovelBill BeverlyDodgersNominated
2017Best First NovelFlynn BerryUnder the HarrowWon
2017Best JuvenileSusan VaughtThings Too Huge to Fix by Saying SorryNominated
2017Best JuvenileJames PontiFramed!Nominated
2017Best JuvenileClaire LegrandSome Kind of HappinessNominated
2017Best JuvenileSarah LariviereThe Bad KidNominated
2017Best JuvenileAlly CondieSummerlostNominated
2017Best JuvenileWesley KingOCDanielWon
2017Best Mystery NovelReed Farrel ColemanWhere It HurtsNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelLyndsay FayeJane SteeleNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelAlafair BurkeThe ExNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelNoah HawleyBefore the FallWon
2017Best Paperback OriginalAdrian McKintyRain DogsWon
2017Best Paperback OriginalJames W. ZiskinHeart of StoneNominated
2017Best Paperback OriginalRobin YocumA Brilliant DeathNominated
2017Best Paperback OriginalRobert DugoniThe 7th CanonNominated
2017Best Paperback OriginalTyler DiltsCome TwilightNominated
2017Best Paperback OriginalPatricia AbbottShot In DetroitNominated
2017Best Short StoryLaura BenedictA Paler Shade of DeathNominated
2017Best Young AdultBilly TaylorThieving WeaselsNominated
2017Best Young AdultJustine LarbalestierMy Sister RosaNominated
2017Best Young AdultMonica HesseGirl in the Blue CoatWon
2017Grand MasterEllen HartWon
2017Grand MasterMax Allan CollinsWon
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardWendy Corsi StaubBlue MoonNominated
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardHank Phillippi RyanSay No MoreNominated
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardCatriona McPhersonQuiet NeighborsNominated
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardDianne DixonThe Other SisterNominated
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardCharles ToddThe Shattered TreeWon
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardApril HenryThe Girl I Used to BeNominated
2017Mary Higgins Clark AwardBrent HartingerThree Truths and a LieNominated
2017Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardE. Gabriel FloresWon
2018Best Critical BiographicalTatiana de RosnayManderley Forever: The Life of Daphne du MaurierNominated
2018Best Fact CrimeDavid GrannKillers of the Flower MoonWon
2018Best Fact CrimeMonica HesseAmerican FireNominated
2018Best First NovelEmily RuskovichIdahoNominated
2018Best First NovelMelissa LoveLolaNominated
2018Best First NovelWinnie M. LiDark ChapterNominated
2018Best First NovelDeborah KennedyTornado WeatherNominated
2018Best First NovelJordan HarperShe Rides Shotgun / A Lesson in ViolenceWon
2018Best JuvenileRu XuNewsPrintsNominated
2018Best JuvenileRobin StevensFirst Class MurderNominated
2018Best JuvenileKevin SandsThe Assassin's CurseNominated
2018Best JuvenileKirby LarsonAudacity Jones Steals the ShowNominated
2018Best JuvenileJames PontiVanished!Won
2018Best Mystery NovelAttica LockeBluebird, BluebirdWon
2018Best Mystery NovelPhilip KerrPrussian BlueNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelAbir MukherjeeA Rising ManNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelKathleen KentThe DimeNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalRhys BowenIn Farleigh FieldNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalJock SerongThe Rules of Backyard CricketNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalKanae MinatoPenanceNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalAndrew MayneBlack FallNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalRon CorbettRagged LakeNominated
2018Best Paperback OriginalAnna MazzolaThe UnseeingWon
2018Best Young AdultAngie ThomasThe Hate U GiveNominated
2018Best Young AdultJason RekulakThe Impossible FortressNominated
2018Best Young AdultGillian FrenchGritNominated
2018Best Young AdultScott BergstromThe CrueltyNominated
2018Best Young AdultJason ReynoldsLong Way DownWon
2018Grand MasterJane LangtonWon
2018Grand MasterPeter LoveseyWon
2018Grand MasterWilliam LinkWon
2018Mary Higgins Clark AwardCarol GoodmanThe Widow's HouseWon
2018Mary Higgins Clark AwardHallie EphronYou'll Never Know, DearNominated
2018Mary Higgins Clark AwardLori Rader-DayThe Day I DiedNominated
2018Mary Higgins Clark AwardNadine NettmannUncorking a LieNominated
2018Mary Higgins Clark AwardEllen CrosbyThe Vineyard VictimsNominated
2018Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardAmy Bloom
Lisa D. Gray
2019Best Fact CrimeMichelle McNamaraI'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer Nominated
2019Best Fact CrimeKirk Wallace JohnsonThe Feather ThiefNominated
2019Best Fact CrimeCarl HoffmanThe Last Wild Men of Borneo: A True Story of Death and TreasureNominated
2019Best First NovelDelia OwensWhere the Crawdads SingNominated
2019Best First NovelNova JacobsThe Last Equation of Isaac SeveryNominated
2019Best First NovelDebra Jo ImmergutThe CaptivesNominated
2019Best First NovelBradley HarperA Knife in the FogNominated
2019Best First NovelJames A. McLaughlinBearskinWon
2019Best JuvenileT.R. SimonZora and MeNominated
2019Best JuvenileKaren KaneCharlie and FrogNominated
2019Best JuvenileBen GutersonWinterhouseNominated
2019Best JuvenileMartha FreemanZap!Nominated
2019Best JuvenileTony AbbottDenis Ever AfterNominated
2019Best JuvenilePete HautmanOtherwoodWon
2019Best Mystery NovelWalter MosleyDown the River unto the SeaWon
2019Best Mystery NovelDeanna RaybournA Treacherous CurseNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelLawrence OsborneOnly to SleepNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelVictor MethosA Gambler's JuryNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelMike LawsonHouse WitnessNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelCatherine Ryan HowardThe Liar's GirlNominated
2019Best Paperback OriginalNaomi HiraharaHiroshima BoyNominated
2019Best Paperback OriginalLori Rader-DayUnder a Dark SkyNominated
2019Best Paperback OriginalLisa UngerUnder My SkinNominated
2019Best Paperback OriginalLeïla SlimaniThe Perfect Nanny / LullabyNominated
2019Best Paperback OriginalAlison GaylinIf I Die TonightWon
2019Best Short StoryLisa UngerThe Sleep Tight MotelNominated
2019Best Short StoryPaul DoironRabidNominated
2019Best Young AdultNova SumaA Room Away From the WolvesNominated
2019Best Young AdultWill HillAfter the FireNominated
2019Best Young AdultSasha DawnBlinkNominated
2019Best Young AdultErin BowmanContagionNominated
2019Best Young AdultCourtney SummersSadieWon
2019Grand MasterMartin Cruz SmithWon
2019Mary Higgins Clark AwardSujata MasseyThe Widows of Malabar HillWon
2019Mary Higgins Clark AwardJulia KellerBone on BoneNominated
2019Mary Higgins Clark AwardPaula MunierA Borrowing of BonesNominated
2019Mary Higgins Clark AwardDianne FreemanA Lady's Guide to Etiquette and MurderNominated
2019Mary Higgins Clark AwardMariah FredericksA Death of No ImportanceNominated
2019Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardNancy NovickHow Does He Die This Time?Won
2019Sue Grafton Memorial AwardJacqueline WinspearTo Die but OnceNominated
2019Sue Grafton Memorial AwardCharles ToddA Forgotten PlaceNominated
2019Sue Grafton Memorial AwardVictoria ThompsonCity of SecretsNominated
2019Sue Grafton Memorial AwardElizabeth BeckaPerishNominated
2019Sue Grafton Memorial AwardSara ParetskyShell GameWon
2020Best Critical BiographicalJacqueline WinspearThis Time Next Year We'll Be LaughingNominated
2020Best Critical BiographicalJohn CurranThe Hooded GunmanNominated
2020Best Critical BiographicalJohn BillheimerHitchcock and the CensorsWon
2020Best Fact CrimeMaureen CallahanAmerican PredatorNominated
2020Best Fact CrimeKaren AbbottThe Ghosts of Eden ParkNominated
2020Best First NovelJohn VercherThree-FifthsNominated
2020Best First NovelLauren WilkinsonAmerican SpyNominated
2020Best First NovelLara PrescottThe Secrets We KeptNominated
2020Best First NovelJohn McMahonThe Good DetectiveNominated
2020Best First NovelSamantha DowningMy Lovely WifeNominated
2020Best First NovelAngie KimMiracle CreekWon
2020Best JuvenileLaura TuckerAll the Greys on Greene StreetNominated
2020Best JuvenileGreg HowardThe WhispersNominated
2020Best JuvenileCorey HayduEventownNominated
2020Best JuvenileCary FaganThe Collected Works of Gretchen OysterNominated
2020Best JuvenileSusan VaughtMe and Sam-Sam Handle the ApocalypseWon
2020Best Mystery NovelElly GriffithsThe Stranger DiariesWon
2020Best Mystery NovelMichael RobothamGood Girl, Bad GirlNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelAbir MukherjeeSmoke and AshesNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelPeter HellerThe RiverNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelBarbara BourlandFake Like MeNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalBrian FreemanThe Deep, Deep SnowNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalWilliam LashnerFreedom RoadNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalLisa SandlinThe Bird BoysNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalAlan ParksFebruary's SonNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalJonathan MooreBlood RelationsNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalSusan BickfordDread of WinterNominated
2020Best Paperback OriginalAdam O'Fallon PriceThe Hotel NeversinkWon
2020Best Young AdultRandy RibayPatron Saints of NothingNominated
2020Best Young AdultLeah ThomasWild and CrookedNominated
2020Best Young AdultKristen SimmonsThe DeceiversNominated
2020Best Young AdultAdriana MatherKilling NovemberNominated
2020Best Young AdultNaomi KritzerCatfishing on CatNetWon
2020Grand MasterPeter RobinsonWon
2020Grand MasterBarbara NeelyWon
2020Mary Higgins Clark AwardCarol GoodmanThe Night VisitorsWon
2020Mary Higgins Clark AwardHank Phillippi RyanThe Murder ListNominated
2020Mary Higgins Clark AwardCatriona McPhersonStrangers at the GateNominated
2020Mary Higgins Clark AwardEmma RowleyTell Me EverythingNominated
2020Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardDerrick HarriellWon
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardMarcie RendonGirl Gone MissingNominated
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardGigi PandianThe Alchemist's IllusionNominated
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardTara LaskowskiOne Night GoneNominated
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardEdwin HillThe Missing OnesNominated
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardLinda CastilloShamedNominated
2020Sue Grafton Memorial AwardTracy ClarkBorrowed TimeWon
2021Best Critical BiographicalMartin EdwardsHowdunit!Nominated
2021Best Fact CrimeSierra Crane MurdochYellow BirdNominated
2021Best Fact CrimeEmma Copley EisenbergThe Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in AppalachiaNominated
2021Best Fact CrimeEric EyreDeath in Mud Lick: A Coal Country Fight against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid EpidemicWon
2021Best First NovelStephanie WrobelDarling Rose Gold / The Recovery of Rose GoldNominated
2021Best First NovelDavid Heska Wanbli WeidenWinter CountsNominated
2021Best First NovelElisabeth ThomasCatherine HouseNominated
2021Best First NovelNev MarchMurder in Old BombayNominated
2021Best First NovelCaitlin MullenPlease See UsWon
2021Best JuvenileTaryn SoudersCoop Knows the ScoopNominated
2021Best JuvenileMelissa SavageNessie QuestNominated
2021Best JuvenileNnedi OkoraforIkengaNominated
2021Best JuvenileJanae MarksFrom the Desk of Zoe WashingtonNominated
2021Best JuvenileTanya Lloyd KyiMe and BanksyNominated
2021Best JuvenileElizabeth C. BuncePremeditated MyrtleWon
2021Best Mystery NovelKwei QuarteyThe Missing AmericanNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelIvy PochodaThese WomenNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelRichard OsmanThe Thursday Murder ClubNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelCaroline B. CooneyBefore She Was HelenNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelDeepa AnapparaDjinn Patrol on the Purple LineWon
2021Best Paperback OriginalKhurrum RahmanEast of HounslowNominated
2021Best Paperback OriginalJessica MoorThe KeeperNominated
2021Best Paperback OriginalJess LoureyUnspeakable ThingsNominated
2021Best Paperback OriginalAlyssa ColeWhen No One Is WatchingWon
2021Best Young AdultKaren M. McManusThe CousinsNominated
2021Best Young AdultJune HurThe Silence of BonesNominated
2021Best Young AdultMonica HesseThey Went LeftNominated
2021Best Young AdultJennifer Lynn BarnesThe Inheritance GamesNominated
2021Best Young AdultKatie AlenderThe CompanionWon
2021Grand MasterJeffery DeaverWon
2021Grand MasterCharlaine HarrisWon
2021Mary Higgins Clark AwardHank Phillippi RyanThe First to LieNominated
2021Mary Higgins Clark AwardLori Rader-DayThe Lucky OneNominated
2021Mary Higgins Clark AwardMariah FredericksDeath of an American BeautyNominated
2021Mary Higgins Clark AwardPaige SheltonCold WindNominated
2021Mary Higgins Clark AwardElsa HartThe Cabinets of Barnaby MayneWon
2021Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardColette BancroftWon
2021Sue Grafton Memorial AwardSara ParetskyDead LandNominated
2021Sue Grafton Memorial AwardIlaria TutiThe Sleeping Nymph / Painted in BloodNominated
2021Sue Grafton Memorial AwardLaurie R. KingRiviera GoldNominated
2021Sue Grafton Memorial AwardRosalie KnechtWon
2021Sue Grafton Memorial AwardKathleen KentThe BurnNominated
2022Best Critical BiographicalMark AldridgeAgatha Christie's Poirot: The Greatest Detective in the WorldNominated
2022Best Critical BiographicalRichard GreeneThe Unquiet Englishman: A Life of Graham GreeneNominated
2022Best Critical BiographicalJames McGrath MorrisTony Hillerman: A LifeNominated
2022Best Critical BiographicalJohn TreschThe Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American ScienceNominated
2022Best Critical BiographicalEdward WhiteThe Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock: An Anatomy of the Master of SuspenseWon
2022Best Fact CrimeMargalit FoxThe Confidence MenNominated
2022Best Fact CrimeAnn HagedornSleeper AgentNominated
2022Best Fact CrimeEllen McGarrahanTwo Truths and a LieNominated
2022Best Fact CrimeBenjamin T. SmithThe Dope: The Real History of the Mexican Drug TradeNominated
2022Best Fact CrimeCurtis WilkieWhen Evil Lived in Laurel: The "White Knights" and the Murder of Vernon DahmerNominated
2022Best Fact CrimeElon GreenLast CallWon
2022Best First NovelVera KurianNever Saw Me ComingNominated
2022Best First NovelFabian NiciezaSuburban DicksNominated
2022Best First NovelJoAnne TompkinsWhat Comes AfterNominated
2022Best First NovelCaitlin WahrerThe DamageNominated
2022Best First NovelErin FlanaganDeer SeasonWon
2022Best JuvenileElizabeth C. BunceCold-Blooded MyrtleNominated
2022Best JuvenileM.G. Leonard
Sam Sedgman
Kidnap on the California CometNominated
2022Best JuvenileJennifer A. NielsenRescueNominated
2022Best JuvenileMarthe JocelynThe Dead Man in the GardenNominated
2022Best JuvenileChristina Diaz GonzalezConcealedWon
2022Best Mystery NovelRhys BowenThe Venice SketchbookNominated
2022Best Mystery NovelS.A. CosbyRazorblade TearsNominated
2022Best Mystery NovelWill LeitchHow LuckyNominated
2022Best Mystery NovelKat RosenfieldNo One Will Miss HerNominated
2022Best Mystery NovelJames KestrelFive DecembersWon
2022Best Paperback OriginalDavid BellKill All Your DarlingsNominated
2022Best Paperback OriginalC.J. CookeThe Lighthouse WitchesNominated
2022Best Paperback OriginalDaryl GregoryThe Album of Dr. MoreauNominated
2022Best Paperback OriginalC.S. O’CinneideStarr SignNominated
2022Best Paperback OriginalLaura PurcellThe Shape of DarknessNominated
2022Best Paperback OriginalAlan ParksBobby March Will Live ForeverWon
2022Best Short StoryJames A. Hearn
Michael Bracken
2022Best Short StoryV.M. BurnsThe Vermeer ConspiracyNominated
2022Best Short StoryTracy ClarkLucky ThirteenNominated
2022Best Short StoryGigi PandianThe Locked Room LibraryNominated
2022Best Short StoryCornell WoolrichThe Dark OblivionNominated
2022Best Short StoryR.T. LawtonThe Road to HanaWon
2022Best Young AdultFaridah Àbíké-ÍyímídéAce of SpadesNominated
2022Best Young AdultPamela N. HarrisWhen You Look Like UsNominated
2022Best Young AdultJune HurThe Forest of Stolen GirlsNominated
2022Best Young AdultTess SharpeThe Girls I've BeenNominated
2022Best Young AdultAngeline BoulleyFirekeeper's DaughterWon
2022Grand MasterLaurie R. KingWon
2022Mary Higgins Clark AwardKatherine CowleyThe True Confessions of a London SpyNominated
2022Mary Higgins Clark AwardTracy GardnerRuby Red HerringNominated
2022Mary Higgins Clark AwardCallie HuttonThe Sign of DeathNominated
2022Mary Higgins Clark AwardElizabeth PenneyChapter and CurseNominated
2022Mary Higgins Clark AwardNaomi HiraharaClark and DivisionWon
2022Robert L. Fish Memorial AwardRob OslerAnalogueWon
2022Sue Grafton Memorial AwardElizabeth BreckDouble TakeNominated
2022Sue Grafton Memorial AwardThomas KiesShadow HillNominated
2022Sue Grafton Memorial AwardKwei QuarteySleep Well, My LadyNominated
2022Sue Grafton Memorial AwardS.J. RozanFamily BusinessNominated
2022Sue Grafton Memorial AwardTracy ClarkRunnerWon
2023Best Fact CrimeErika KrouseTell Me EverythingWon
2023Best Fact CrimeShahan MuftiAmerican Caliph: The True Story of a Muslim Mystic, a Hollywood Epic, and the 1977 Siege of Washington, DCNominated
2023Best Fact CrimeDaniel StashowerAmerican DemonNominated
2023Best Fact CrimeKathryn MilesTrailedNominated
2023Best First NovelGrace D. LiPortrait of a ThiefNominated
2023Best First NovelKatie GutierrezMore Than You'll Ever KnowNominated
2023Best First NovelRamona EmersonShutterNominated
2023Best First NovelEli CranorDon't Know ToughWon
2023Best First NovelErin E. AdamsJackalNominated
2023Best JuvenileJulie BuxbaumThe Area 51 FilesNominated
2023Best JuvenileMarthe JocelynThe Seaside CorpseNominated
2023Best JuvenileKekla MagoonChester Keene Cracks the CodeNominated
2023Best Mystery NovelJohn DarnielleDevil HouseNominated
2023Best Mystery NovelKellye GarrettLike a SisterNominated
2023Best Mystery NovelChuck HoganGanglandNominated
2023Best Mystery NovelGabino IglesiasThe Devil Takes You HomeNominated
2023Best Mystery NovelDanya KukafkaNotes on an ExecutionWon
2023Best Paperback OriginalA.R. TorreA Familiar StrangerNominated
2023Best Paperback OriginalCarole LawrenceCleopatra's DaggerNominated
2023Best Paperback OriginalJoe HartOr ElseWon
2023Best Paperback OriginalSeraphina Nova GlassOn a Quiet StreetNominated
2023Best Paperback OriginalMax Allan CollinsQuarry's BloodNominated
2023Best Young AdultAlexa DonnePretty Dead QueensNominated
2023Best Young AdultEva V. GibsonFrightmaresNominated
2023Best Young AdultJuliana GoodmanThe Black Girls Left StandingNominated
2023Best Young AdultJune HurThe Red PalaceWon
2023Best Young AdultVincent RalphLock the DoorsNominated
2023Grand MasterMichael ConnellyWon
2023Grand MasterJoanne FlukeWon
2023Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardConnie BerryThe Shadow of MemoryNominated
2023Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardTamara BerryBuried in a Good BookWon
2023Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardAlicia BessetteSmile Beach MurderNominated
2023Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardMichael CraftDesert GetawayNominated
2023Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardRobert ThorogoodThe Marlow Murder ClubNominated
2023Mary Higgins Clark AwardAmanda FlowerBecause I Could Not Stop for DeathNominated
2023Mary Higgins Clark AwardSulari GentillThe Woman in the LibraryNominated
2023Mary Higgins Clark AwardCarol GoodmanThe Disinvited GuestNominated
2023Mary Higgins Clark AwardB.R. MyersA Dreadful SplendorWon
2023Mary Higgins Clark AwardD.M. RowellNever Name the DeadNominated
2023Sue Grafton Memorial AwardMark de CastriqueSecret LivesNominated
2023Sue Grafton Memorial AwardClaire KellsAn Unforgiving PlaceNominated
2023Sue Grafton Memorial AwardLouisa LunaHideoutWon
2023Sue Grafton Memorial AwardStephen SpotswoodSecrets Typed in BloodNominated
2023Sue Grafton Memorial AwardEmilya NaymarkBehind the LieNominated
2024Best Critical BiographicalJames L. Traylor
Max Allan Collins
Spillane: King of Pulp FictionNominated
2024Best Critical BiographicalDavid BordwellPerplexing PlotsNominated
2024Best Critical BiographicalMark DawidziakA Mystery of MysteriesNominated
2024Best Critical BiographicalRobert MorganFallen Angel: The Life of Edgar Allan PoeNominated
2024Best Critical BiographicalSteven PowellLove Me Fierce In Danger: The Life of James EllroyWon
2024Best Fact CrimeJoe SextonThe Lost Sons of Omaha: Two Young Men in an American TragedyNominated
2024Best Fact CrimeZeke FauxNumber Go Up: Inside Crypto's Wild Rise and Staggering FallNominated
2024Best Fact CrimeJohn GlattTangled VinesNominated
2024Best Fact CrimeBarbara Rae-VenterI Know Who You AreNominated
2024Best Fact CrimeNathan MastersCrooked: The Roaring '20s Tale of a Corrupt Attorney General, a Crusading Senator, and the Birth of the American Political ScandalWon
2024Best Fact CrimeKim CrossIn Light of All DarknessNominated
2024Best First NovelKen JaworowskiSmall Town SinsNominated
2024Best First NovelI.S. BerryThe Peacock and the SparrowWon
2024Best First NovelKristen LoeschThe Porcelain Doll / The Last Russian DollNominated
2024Best First NovelAmy ChuaThe Golden GateNominated
2024Best First NovelRitu MukerjiMurder by DegreesNominated
2024Best JuvenileLarry Schwarz
Iva-Marie Palmer
The Jules Verne ProphecyNominated
2024Best JuvenileElizabeth C. BunceMyrtle, Means, and OpportunityNominated
2024Best JuvenileAdrianna CuevasThe Ghosts of Rancho EspantoWon
2024Best JuvenileLamar GilesEpic Ellisons: Cosmos CampNominated
2024Best JuvenileClaire SwinarskiWhat Happened to Rachel Riley?Nominated
2024Best Mystery NovelColson WhiteheadCrook ManifestoNominated
2024Best Mystery NovelWilliam Kent KruegerThe River We RememberNominated
2024Best Mystery NovelJessica KnollBright Young WomenNominated
2024Best Mystery NovelJennifer Cody EpsteinThe Madwomen of ParisNominated
2024Best Mystery NovelS.A. CosbyAll the Sinners BleedNominated
2024Best Mystery NovelJames Lee BurkeFlags on the BayouWon
2024Best Mystery NovelMichael KorytaAn Honest ManNominated
2024Best PaperbackJess LoureyThe Taken OnesNominated
2024Best PaperbackJesse Q. SutantoVera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for MurderersWon
2024Best PaperbackScott Von DoviakLowdown RoadNominated
2024Best PaperbackA.F. CarterBoomtownNominated
2024Best PaperbackTracy ClarkHideNominated
2024Best Short StoryIan RankinThe RiseNominated
2024Best Short StoryLinda CastilloHallowed GroundWon
2024Best Short StoryRob OslerMiss DirectionNominated
2024Best Short StoryLisa ScottolinePigeon Tony's Last StandNominated
2024Best Short StoryHeather GrahamThriller (Short Story)Nominated
2024Best Young AdultYvonne WoonMy Flawless LifeNominated
2024Best Young AdultApril HenryGirl ForgottenWon
2024Best Young AdultMatthew J. KirbyStar SplitterNominated
2024Best Young AdultCameron Kelly RosenblumThe Sharp Edge of SilenceNominated
2024Best Young AdultLaura ZimmermannJust Do This One Thing for MeNominated
2024Grand MasterKatherine Hall PageWon
2024Grand MasterR.L. StineWon
2024Lilian Jackson Braun Memorial AwardDanielle ArceneauxGlory BeWon
2024Mary Higgins Clark AwardLina ChernPlay the FoolWon
2024Mary Higgins Clark AwardCarol GoodmanThe Bones of the StoryNominated
2024Mary Higgins Clark AwardAnastasia HastingsOf Manners and MurderNominated
2024Mary Higgins Clark AwardKate RobardsThe Three Deaths of Willa StannardNominated
2024Mary Higgins Clark AwardMary WintersMurder in PostscriptNominated
2024Sue Grafton Memorial AwardSamantha Jayne AllenHard RainNominated
2024Sue Grafton Memorial AwardLinda CastilloAn Evil HeartWon
2024Sue Grafton Memorial AwardSusan IsaacsBad, Bad Seymour BrownNominated
2024Sue Grafton Memorial AwardVal McDermidPast LyingNominated
2024Sue Grafton Memorial AwardSarah Stewart TaylorA Stolen ChildNominated

Over the years, the Edgar Awards have evolved to include various categories, reflecting the diverse aspects of the mystery genre. The awards now encompass novels within various categories, non-fiction and biographical awards, and short stories.

Here are descriptions of the current Edgar Awards Categories and some notes:

– We still need to complete Best Fact Crime.
– We still need to complete Best Critical/Biographical Work.
– We still need to complete Best Short Story.
– We still need to complete Best Juvenile.
– We still need to complete Best Young Adult.

Best Novel / Best Mystery Novel: Honors an outstanding mystery novel published in the previous year. This was established in 1948.

Best First Novel: Recognizes the best debut mystery novel by an author. This began in 1946.

Best Paperback Original: Awards the best original mystery novel published as a paperback. This award was created in 1970.

Best Fact Crime: Awarded to the best non-fiction true crime book.

Best Critical/Biographical Work: Acknowledges the best work of criticism or biography in the mystery genre.

Best Short Story: Honors an exceptional mystery short story or novella published in the previous year, whether released individually, as part of an anthology, or in a magazine. The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine as an example, boasts many winners of this award. Started in 1951.

Best Juvenile: Recognizes the best mystery novel written for younger readers. 1961 was the year that this was established.

Best Young Adult Novel: Awards the best mystery novel aimed at young adult readers. 1989 saw the first Best Young Adult novels.

Best Episode in a TV Series: Celebrates the best mystery or crime television episode script. Created in 1952.

Robert L. Fish Memorial Award: Honors the best first short story by an American author. Named after Robert Lloyd Fish, who win the Edgar award for Best First Novel in 1962 with The Fugitive.

Mary Higgins Clark Award: Recognizes a novel most closely written in the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark‘s works. Formerly known as the Simon & Schuster Mary Higgins Clark Award.

Grand Master Award: Bestowed upon a living author for their significant and lasting contributions to the mystery genre. First handed out in 1955.

Sue Grafton Memorial Award This award, established in 2019, is awarded to the novel that is deemed the best in a series, featuring a female protagonist. Named of course, after the late Sue Grafton.

Those are the current award categories. There have been other awards that are either discontinued or awarded without consistency, such as the Best Play, best Radio Drama and best Mystery Criticism award.

Edgar Awards F.A.Q.

What book awards did Edgar Allan Poe win?

He has won numerous awards. See our Edgar Allan Poe page for the full list.

When was the first Edgar awards announced?


What Edgar Awards has James Lee Burke won?

James Lee Burke first won an Edgar award in 1990 for his novel Black Cherry Blues. He won the Best Mystery Novel award, which he also won again in 1998 for Cimarron Rose. Jolie Blon’s Bounce was also nominated for Best Mystery Novel in 2003.

In 2009, James Lee Burke was awarded the Grand Master award, alongside Sue Grafton.


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