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Humans. There is no resource out there that is 100% perfect in regard to its book listings. Amazon, Goodreads, NoveList – they are primarily automatically generated and we have noticed many, many errors over the years. So all of our listings have humans dealing with them and we can spend hours working on authors just to get their publication and chronological order correct, and filing new books correctly.
Category: Site Questions

Our book listings are updated practically around the clock. We have numerous staff members working on this in a daily basis. They are auditing all lists regularly to make sure there are no errors or missing books.

As publication dates can change etc, we try to limit when we post new books to three months in advance. So if you are viewing the site in August, any books with publication dates in November should be added to the site. We add new books as soon as they have a publication date and are available for pre-order.

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Yes this does happen and can be for a variety of reasons such as:

  • The book isn’t released for another few months and our system hasn’t picked it up yet.
  • The book is listed but has an alternate title.
  • The book exists but isn’t available for purchase anywhere and our human auditor missed it when collating the author’s data.
  • Pobody’s Nerfect! It’s possible the staff member auditing an authors list just completely missed that book.

Simply contact us to let us know. Our mailbox is monitored all day long and if there is a missing book, we’ll have it added within 24 hours.

Category: Site Questions

This happens often! Publication dates can change for new books and we see it occur hundreds of times per month with the books that we have listed.

We have a system that monitors this on a daily basis and is running 24/7. If it detects a publication date change, then it will notify us. We verify the date change is correct, and then update our listing.

Category: Site Questions

We tend to add books at least three months in advance. So if you are looking at a book listing in August, if that author has any books coming out in November, they will appear on that list. This is the minimum amount of time that we use for listing books. You’ll find authors with release dates for books 6 months ahead being listed as well. And we have a system that checks publication dates daily and if the publication date has changed, we will verify it and update it.

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