Theakston’s Old Peculier Awards

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The Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award began in 2005. This prestigious award is highly regarded in the UK, where it awards the top crime fiction book of that year.

The sponsors of the event are Theakstone Brewery, which is based in North Yorkshire in England. They actually have a beer called the Old Peculier which is the beer they are most famous for. This name and beer has existed since the 1800s and is its own award-winning beer.

The awards are handed out at the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival which takes place in Harrogate. Many top authors have attended the festival such as Lee Child, Michael Connelly, and Kathy Reichs.

Nominees for the award are selected by a panel of experts, including authors, editors, and critics. However, the unique aspect of this award is the involvement of the public in the final decision-making process.

The shortlist, typically consisting of six titles, is put to a public vote, giving readers a direct influence on the outcome. This blend of professional and public input ensures a balanced and democratic selection, adding to the award’s credibility and appeal.

Along with “Crime Novel of the Year”, in 2010 the awards introduced the Outstanding Contribution to Crime Fiction award, which is awarded directly to an author. Reginald Hill was the inaugural winner of this award, which has also seen authors such as Colin Dexter, Michael Connelly and Ruth Rendell win it in past years.

Here are all of the winners and nominees:

Theakston’s Old Peculier Awards

2005Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamLazybonesWon
2005Crime Novel of the YearSimon KernickThe Murder ExchangeNominated
2005Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidThe Distant EchoNominated
2005Crime Novel of the YearIan RankinA Question of BloodNominated
2005Crime Novel of the YearAndrew TaylorThe American Boy / An Unpardonable CrimeNominated
2005Crime Novel of the YearMinette WaltersDisordered MindsNominated
2006Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidThe Torment of OthersWon
2006Crime Novel of the YearLindsay AshfordStrange BloodNominated
2006Crime Novel of the YearStephen BoothOne Last BreathNominated
2006Crime Novel of the YearMartin EdwardsThe Coffin TrailNominated
2006Crime Novel of the YearSusan HillThe Various Haunts of MenNominated
2006Crime Novel of the YearIan RankinFleshmarket Alley / Fleshmarket CloseNominated
2007Crime Novel of the YearAllan GuthrieTwo-Way SplitWon
2007Crime Novel of the YearStephen BoothThe Dead PlaceNominated
2007Crime Novel of the YearChristopher BrookmyreAll Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An EyeNominated
2007Crime Novel of the YearMichael JecksThe Death Ship of DartmouthNominated
2007Crime Novel of the YearStuart MacBrideCold GraniteNominated
2007Crime Novel of the YearGraham HurleyBlood and HoneyNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearStef PenneyThe Tenderness of WolvesWon
2008Crime Novel of the YearSimon BeckettThe Chemistry of DeathNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamBuriedNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearChristopher BrookmyreA Tale Etched In Blood And Hard Black PencilNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearReginald HillDeath Comes for the Fat Man / The Death of DalzielNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearGraham HurleyOne UnderNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearPeter JamesNot Dead EnoughNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearSimon KernickRelentlessNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearStuart MacBrideDying LightNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearAlexander McCall SmithBlue Shoes and HappinessNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearPeter RobinsonPiece of My HeartNominated
2008Crime Novel of the YearC.J. SansomSovereignNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamDeath MessageWon
2009Crime Novel of the YearReginald HillA Cure for All Diseases / The Price of Butcher's MeatNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearLee ChildBad Luck and TroubleNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidBeneath the BleedingNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearStuart MacBrideBloodshot / Broken SkinNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearPeter JamesDead Man's FootstepsNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearIan RankinExit MusicNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearPeter RobinsonFriend of the DevilNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearDavid HewsonThe Garden of EvilNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearJohn HarveyGone to GroundNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearMo HayderRitualNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearChris SimmsSavage MoonNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearTom CainThe Accident ManNominated
2009Crime Novel of the YearDeclan HughesThe Color of BloodNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearR.J. ElloryA Simple Act of ViolenceWon
2010Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamIn the DarkNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearTania CarverThe SurrogateNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsThe Crossing PlacesNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearPeter JamesDead TomorrowNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearBrian McGillowayGallows LaneNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearIan RankinDoors OpenNominated
2010Crime Novel of the YearTom Rob SmithChild 44Nominated
2010Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionReginald HillWon
2011Crime Novel of the YearLee Child61 HoursWon
2011Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamFrom The DeadNominated
2011Crime Novel of the YearSharon BoltonBlood HarvestNominated
2011Crime Novel of the YearStuart MacBrideDark BloodNominated
2011Crime Novel of the YearWilliam RyanThe Holy ThiefNominated
2011Crime Novel of the YearAndrew Taylor The Anatomy of Ghosts Nominated
2011Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionP.D. JamesWon
2012Crime Novel of the YearDenise MinaThe End of the Wasp SeasonWon
2012Crime Novel of the YearSharon BoltonNow You See MeNominated
2012Crime Novel of the YearChristopher BrookmyreWhere the Bodies Are BuriedNominated
2012Crime Novel of the YearJohn ConnollyThe Burning SoulNominated
2012Crime Novel of the YearSteve MosbyBlack FlowersNominated
2012Crime Novel of the YearS.J. WatsonBefore I Go to SleepNominated
2012Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionColin DexterWon
2013Crime Novel of the YearDenise MinaGods and BeastsWon
2013Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamRush of BloodNominated
2013Crime Novel of the YearChris EwanSafe HouseNominated
2013Crime Novel of the YearPeter MayThe Lewis ManNominated
2013Crime Novel of the YearStuart NevilleStolen SoulsNominated
2013Crime Novel of the YearStav SherezA Dark RedemptionNominated
2013Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionRuth RendellWon
2014Crime Novel of the YearBelinda BauerRubberneckerWon
2014Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsA Dying Fall / Tomb of the Raven KingNominated
2014Crime Novel of the YearMalcolm MackayThe Necessary Death of Lewis WinterNominated
2014Crime Novel of the YearPeter MayThe ChessmenNominated
2014Crime Novel of the YearDenise MinaThe Red RoadNominated
2014Crime Novel of the YearStav SherezEleven DaysNominated
2014Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionLynda La PlanteWon
2015Crime Novel of the YearSarah HilarySomeone Else's SkinWon
2015Crime Novel of the YearAntonia HodgsonThe Devil in the MarshalseaNominated
2015Crime Novel of the YearRay CelestinThe Axeman's Jazz / The AxemanNominated
2015Crime Novel of the YearBelinda BauerThe Facts of Life and DeathNominated
2015Crime Novel of the YearPeter MayEntry IslandNominated
2015Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsThe Outcast DeadNominated
2015Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionSara ParetskyWon
2016Crime Novel of the YearClare MackintoshI Let You GoWon
2016Crime Novel of the YearMark BillinghamTime of DeathNominated
2016Crime Novel of the YearRobert GalbraithCareer of EvilNominated
2016Crime Novel of the YearEva DolanTell No TalesNominated
2016Crime Novel of the YearRenée KnightDisclaimerNominated
2016Crime Novel of the YearAdrian McKintyRain DogsNominated
2016Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionVal McDermidWon
2017Crime Novel of the YearChristopher BrookmyreBlack WidowWon
2017Crime Novel of the YearEva DolanAfter You DieNominated
2017Crime Novel of the YearSabine DurrantLie with MeNominated
2017Crime Novel of the YearMick HerronReal TigersNominated
2017Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidOut of BoundsNominated
2017Crime Novel of the YearSusie SteinerMissing, PresumedNominated
2017Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionLee ChildWon
2018Crime Novel of the YearStav SherezThe IntrusionsWon
2018Crime Novel of the YearMick HerronSpook StreetNominated
2018Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidInsidious IntentNominated
2018Crime Novel of the YearSusie SteinerPersons UnknownNominated
2018Crime Novel of the YearDenise MinaThe Long DropNominated
2018Crime Novel of the YearAbir MukherjeeA Rising ManNominated
2018Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionJohn GrishamWon
2019Crime Novel of the YearSteve CavanaghThirteenWon
2019Crime Novel of the YearVal McDermidBroken GroundNominated
2019Crime Novel of the YearBelinda BauerSnapNominated
2019Crime Novel of the YearMick HerronLondon RulesNominated
2019Crime Novel of the YearLiam McIlvanneyThe QuakerNominated
2019Crime Novel of the YearKhurrum RahmanEast of HounslowNominated
2019Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionJames PattersonWon
2020Crime Novel of the YearAdrian McKintyThe ChainWon
2020Crime Novel of the YearOyinkan BraithwaiteMy Sister, the Serial KillerNominated
2020Crime Novel of the YearHelen FitzgeraldWorst Case ScenarioNominated
2020Crime Novel of the YearJane HarperThe Lost ManNominated
2020Crime Novel of the YearMick HerronJoe CountryNominated
2020Crime Novel of the YearAbir MukherjeeSmoke and AshesNominated
2020Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionMark BillinghamWon
2021Crime Novel of the YearChris WhitakerWe Begin at the EndWon
2021Crime Novel of the YearBrian McGillowayThe Last CrossingNominated
2021Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsThe Lantern MenNominated
2021Crime Novel of the YearRosamund LuptonThree HoursNominated
2021Crime Novel of the YearAbir MukherjeeDeath in the EastNominated
2021Crime Novel of the YearTrevor WoodThe Man on the StreetNominated
2021Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionIan RankinWon
2022Crime Novel of the YearMick HerronSlough HouseWon
2022Crime Novel of the YearLaura Shepherd-RobinsonDaughters of NightNominated
2022Crime Novel of the YearVaseem KhanMidnight at Malabar HouseNominated
2022Crime Novel of the YearWill DeanThe Last Thing to BurnNominated
2022Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsThe Night HawksNominated
2022Crime Novel of the YearJoseph KnoxTrue Crime StoryNominated
2022Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionMichael ConnellyWon
2023Crime Novel of the YearM.W. CravenThe BotanistWon
2023Crime Novel of the YearElly GriffithsThe Locked RoomNominated
2023Crime Novel of the YearDoug JohnstoneBlack HeartsNominated
2023Crime Novel of the YearFiona CumminsInto the DarkNominated
2023Crime Novel of the YearRuth WareThe It GirlNominated
2023Crime Novel of the YearGillian McAllisterWrong Place, Wrong TimeNominated
2023Outstanding Contribution to Crime FictionAnn CleevesWon

Theakston’s Old Peculier Awards F.A.Q.

When do the Theakston’s Old Peculier Awards take place?

Every year in July.

When did the Outstanding Contribution to Crime Fiction award begin?

This began in 2010.

Has anyone ever won the Crime Novel of the Year award multiple times?

Yes. In 2005, Mark Billingham won the Crime Novel of the Year award for Lazybones. In 2009, he won again for Death Message. He also has multiple other nominations.

Denise Mina has also won multiple times. She actually won back to back years in 2012 and 2013 for The End of the Wasp Season and Gods and Beasts.

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