Bony Blithe Awards

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The Bony Blithe Awards began in 2012 with the goal of celebrating the best Canadian light mysteries. There was only one award given out each year, which was for Best Mystery Novel. There would be multiple nominations for each award, with just one winner.

The goal of the award was not just to focus on the best mystery, but also books which brought some fun and entertainment to the table. So the Bony Blithe awards were focused more on light mysteries such as cozy mysteries.

Here is the complete list of Bony Blithe award winners and nominees:

Bony Blithe Awards

2012Best Mystery NovelPhyllis SmallmanChampagne for BuzzardsNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelMary Jane MaffiniThe Busy Woman's Guide to MurderNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelAlan BradleyA Red Herring Without MustardNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelJanet BolinDire ThreadsNominated
2012Best Mystery NovelGloria FerrisCheat the HangmanWon
2013Best Mystery NovelMorley TorgovThe Mastersinger from MinskNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelMichelle RowenBlood Bath & BeyondNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelChris LaingA Private ManNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelKaren DudleyFood for the GodsNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelJanet BolinThreaded for TroubleNominated
2013Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanA Small Hill to Die OnWon
2014Best Mystery NovelHoward ShrierMiss MontrealNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelCathy SpencerFramed for Murder / Road KillWon
2014Best Mystery NovelJanet BolinThread and BuriedNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelVicki DelanyGold WebNominated
2014Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanNever Laugh As a Hearse Goes ByNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelAllan StrattonThe Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavishNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelE.C. BellSeeing the LightNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelJudith AlguireMany Unpleasant ReturnsNominated
2015Best Mystery NovelCathy AceThe Corpse with the Platinum HairWon
2016Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanUntimely DeathNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelVictoria HamiltonWhite Colander CrimeNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelAlexis KoettingEncoreNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelEva GatesBooked for TroubleNominated
2016Best Mystery NovelVictoria AbbottThe Marsh MadnessWon
2017Best Mystery NovelMike MartinA Long Ways from HomeNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelAlan BradleyThrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'dNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelRyan AldredRum LuckNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelCathy AceThe Corpse with the Garnet FaceNominated
2017Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanMurder on the HourWon
2018Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanMuch Ado About MurderNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelVicki DelanyHark the Herald Angels SlayNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelRickie BlairDigging Up TroubleNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelCathy AceThe Case of the Unsuitable SuitorNominated
2018Best Mystery NovelE.C. BellDying on SecondWon
2019Best Mystery NovelAuralee WallaceHaunted Hayride with MurderNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelMike MartinDarkest Before the DawnWon
2019Best Mystery NovelAlan BradleyThe Grave's a Fine and Private PlaceNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelVicki DelanyA Scandal in ScarletNominated
2019Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanThe Marmalade MurdersNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelThomas KingA Matter of MaliceNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelMaureen JenningsHeat WaveNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelEva GatesSomething Read, Something DeadNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelElizabeth J DuncanRemembering the DeadNominated
2020Best Mystery NovelLiz FreelandMurder in MidtownWon
2021Best Mystery NovelIona WhishawA Match Made for MurderWon
2021Best Mystery NovelCandas DorseyThe Adventures of IsabelNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelThomas KingThe Obsidian MurdersNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelLiz IrelandMrs. Claus and the Santaland SlayingsNominated
2021Best Mystery NovelVicki DelanyThere's a Murder AfootNominated

The first winner of the Bony Blithe Awards was Gloria Ferris. Her debut novel, Cheat the Hangman, was the winner. Elizabeth J. Duncan is the only author to win the Bony Blithe Award multiple times.

Bony Blithe Awards F.A.Q.

When did the Bone Blithe awards end?

The final Bony Blithe Awards were in 2021, due to the retirement of Bony Blithe.

Did anyone win the Bony Blithe Award Multiple Times?

Yes they did. Elizabeth J. Duncan won the award in 2013 and again in 2017. The first time she won it with A Small Hill to Die On and the latter award was for Murder on the Hour. Elizabeth also was nominated in another 5 years, for a total of 7 nominations.

What Genre does the Bony Blithe Awards Cover??

They would award books within the mystery genre, primary in the light/cozy sub-genre.

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